Thursday, 12 September 2013

Guest Book Review: J.R. Ward - An Irresistible Bachelor

Reviewed by Janine Cobain

For struggling art conservationist Callie Burke, the chance to restore a world-famous painting is the opportunity of a lifetime—one that no one in her right mind would turn down. Call her crazy, but Callie has serious reservations about working with the painting’s owner. Warm and sexy, Jack Walker makes no attempt to hide the strong attraction he feels for Callie—even as she tries to keep their relationship professional. Now, cocooned in his studio in Boston, she will either have to learn to ignore the man and concentrate on the masterpiece, or give in to the kind of passion that can never be captured on canvas.

Jack Walker is a practical man who runs his life, his empire, and his fortune effortlessly. Yet from the moment he met Callie Burke, he wanted her with all the intensity of a first crush. As he gets to know her, the desire blossoms into something more—and Jack finds that for the first time in his life he is leading with his heart instead of his head...

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The story leads with the powerful animalistic lust that Jackson Walker experiences meeting Callie Burke and documents his inner battles as he attempts to control the feelings within. Deftly written and completely believable JR Ward takes us on a journey that leads Callie to being ensconced in Jackson’s home while she works on the restoration of a multi-million dollar painting he has purchased.   

Eventually calling off his recent engagement to allow the exploration of his feelings for Callie, Jack finds himself falling into unfamiliar emotional territory as their relationship blossoms.  Their encounters are written with sensitivity and passion, without a trace of vulgarity.   

This is fairytale, romantic, escapist fiction at its very best.  The author has such an accomplished, beautiful style of writing this novel is an absolute delight to read.  An Irresistible Bachelor had my heart racing, my scalp tingling and left my feel-good barometer whacked up to full.

I'd like to thank Sarah at Piatkus for sending us a copy of this book to review.  

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