Thursday, 31 October 2013

Books Read: Jane Green - Tempting Fate

When Gabby first met Elliott she knew he was the man for her. In twenty years of marriage she has never doubted her love for him - even when he refused to give her the one thing she still wants most of all. But now their two daughters are growing up Gabby feels that time and her youth are slipping away. For the first time in her life she is restless. And then she meets Matt... 

Intoxicated by the way this young, handsome and successful man makes her feel, Gabby is momentarily blind to what she stands to lose on this dangerous path. And in one reckless moment she destroys all that she holds dear. 

Consumed by regret, Gabby does everything she can to repair the home she has broken. But are some betrayals too great to forgive?

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Gabby has been happily married to Elliot for twenty years but lately she's started to feel restless, especially as her two daughters are growing up fast and no longer need or want to spend as much time with her, and Elliott is not keen for them to have another baby.  

So feeling at an all-time low she's extremely flattered, and has her confidence boosted, when a handsome younger man Matt chats to her during a night out with her friends.  But could one moment of recklessness threaten everything that she holds dear?

Having read quite a few of Jane Green's books in the past I knew to expect a relationship driven story and Tempting Fate certainly lived up to that expectation although at the same time it was a little predictable too. 

In Gabby Jane Green has written a realistic character that I'm sure a lot of us women of a certain age could relate to as even though she knew what she was doing was wrong she couldn't help herself.  As the story progressed it was interesting to see how Gabby's family and friends, especially Elliott, daughter Olivia and best friend Claire, react as the story unfolded.  

Although I didn't feel that this is the best of her books, it was still a compelling read that had me hoping things were going to work out well for everyone involved.  

I received an ecopy of this book via Netgalley to review.  

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