Saturday, 19 October 2013

Guest Book Review: Anouska Knight - Since You've Been Gone

Reviewed by Louise Wykes

How do you learn to love again?

In one tragic moment, Holly Jefferson’s life as she knew it changed for ever. 

Now – to the external world, at least – she’s finally getting back on her feet, running her business, Cake. 

Then she meets Ciaran Argyll. His rich and charmed life feels a million miles from her own. However, there’s more to Ciaran than the superficial world that surrounds him, and he too is wrestling with his own ghosts. Will Holly find the missing ingredient that allows her to live again – and embrace an unknown and unexpected tomorrow?

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It was only due to the sticker on the front cover of this book that I discovered this book was written by a woman who had won a competition on the programme Lorraine on Daybreak and the prize in the competition was to have a novel published. So this made me excited to read the work of a debut author who I had not read before. 

The story is familiar chick-lit territory following the life of Holly Jefferson, a young woman who has lost her husband at the age of 27. Since Charlie’s death, Holly has thrown herself into her cake business and has completely shut down all other areas of her life. She devotes her spare time to her pregnant sister Martha and Holly’s beloved dog, Dave. 

Into her life appears Ciaran Argyll due to a bizarre order for a cake which Holly has to deliver to 
Fergal Argyll, Ciaran’s father.

Ciaran manages to involve himself further and further into Holly’s life and Holly is left confused by the conflicting feelings she has by being attracted to Ciaran but fearing she is being unfaithful to Charlie’s memory. 

The main characters in the book are well drawn and the reader feels close to Holly and her, at times, palpable grief and as intrigued as Holly as to the mystery that hides behind the pain in Ciaran’s eyes. 

It is a well written, engaging story although some of the phrases used are a little clichéd and some of the minor characters come across as stereotypes including an “ice maiden” Holly has to compete with for Ciaran’s attention. These are minor faults though and it would not put me off reading another book by this author as it is a first novel. It was a pleasing book but for me personally, the ends were a little too well-tied up.

Thank you Louise for reviewing this for me and I'd also like to thank Cherish PR for sending me a copy of this book.  

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