Saturday, 30 November 2013

Books Read: Anna Bell - Don't Tell the Groom

Penny has big dreams for her wedding day. She wants an unforgettable celebration, perfect down to the last detail, and has been saving for ages to make her dream a reality. When Mark finally pops the question, it's the best moment of her life. 

Until Penny checks her wedding fund and is horrified to discover that something has gone terribly wrong. There's far less money there than she'd thought... and it's all her fault. She can't tell Mark the truth about what she's done, he knows nothing about how much time she spends gambling online. Her only choice is to seek help for her addiction and get married on a drastically smaller budget. 

Working under the pretense of surprising Mark with her plans on their big day, operation 'Don't Tell the Groom' rolls into action, with surprising, hilarious and often moving results.

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Penny and Mark have been together for years and are ready for the next step in their relationship, getting married, well Penny is, she just needs to get Mark to propose after all they've been saving monthly into a wedding fund so it's a foregone conclusion.

But when the proposal finally arrives and Mark's nan forces them into setting a date only a couple of months away, Penny is shocked to discover that there is not as much money in the account as there should be.  Although she'd be dipping into the account she hadn't realised how much she'd spent so decides to keep it a secret from Mark and convinces him that she'd like to plan the whole thing herself by doing a 'Don't Tell the Groom' theme.  

What follows is a hilarious tale of how Penny tries to arrange a budget wedding without telling Mark, friends and family the truth about the reduced wedding fund.  But along the way as she faces up to her problems she discovers the real meaning of getting's not what it costs to have the perfect wedding but the fact that you get to spend the rest of your life with the man that you love. 

Whilst reading this story I could emphasise entirely with Penny as to how she got herself into the position that she did, it is so easy to spend online and quite often you spend a lot more than you can afford without even realising that you are doing so.

Don't Tell the Groom was initially self-published by Anna Bell to amazing success which saw her being offered a book deal with Quercus.  The first book in the package was the publication of Don't Tell the Groom in paperback which is due out next week.  

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and could have read it in a single sitting if I didn't have to go to work to earn a living or sleep!  I cannot wait to see what Anna has in store for us next.   

I'd loved to thank Lauren at Quercus for sending me a copy of this book to review.  

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