Thursday, 7 November 2013

Books Read: Liza Marklund - The Long Shadow

A violent robbery has killed an entire family on the Costa Del Sol.

Annika Bengtzon is assigned to cover the story for the Evening Post. But when she arrives in Spain she discovers there was a third child - a teenage daughter - who is unaccounted for.

Annika makes it her mission to find the missing girl. But as she delves into the mystery she becomes embroiled in a far darker side of Spanish life than she'd envisioned, as she begins to piece together a terrifying story of violence, abuse and murder.

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When I saw The Long Shadow was available on NetGalley I decided to request a copy to review as I'd never read any of Liza Marklund's books before so thought it sounded like a good one to start with.

When a Swedish family is killed during what looks like a robbery gone wrong on the Costa Del Sol, journalist Annika Bengtzon is sent to Spain to investigate.  But the more that she uncovers the more she discovers that things are not quite as they seem especially when she discovers that another daughter has escaped the massacre but is nowhere to be found.   

Her investigations take her back and forth between Spain and Sweden as well as to Gibraltar and Morocco before she finally uncovers the whole truth behind the motive of the murders, who was involved and where Suzette is hiding...  

Alongside the main storyline there were also mentions of secondary storylines that I assume carry on from previous books, which involved convicted killer Filip Andersson and a few other characters plus the arson attack of her own home, so it did take me a little while to get my head round what exactly had previously happened.

So having never read a book by Liza Marklund before this one it probably was not the best one to start with, maybe I need to go back to the beginning so that I could really get to know Annika. 

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