Monday, 2 December 2013

Books Read: Lisa Dickenson - The Twelve Dates of Christmas: Dates 7&8

Two more dates, one tough choice and a sprinkling of Christmas magic... 

Nick and Penny are Claudia's best friends in the entire world. There isn't anything she wouldn't do for them and she can't bear the thought of causing either of them any pain. Yet somehow Claudia has found herself caught in the middle and now one of them will get hurt - because of her. Claudia may want to bury her head in the sand (again) and distract herself with more dates but Christmas waits for no one. Time is marching on and there's a decision to be made... 

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The fun and games continue in dates 7&8 as Claudia goes on some more dates, 2.5 to be exact, although the blind date with ballet dancer Mikael was such a disaster, that Nick had to come to her rescue, so she's discounting it as a non event! 

Which leaves us with her two dates with Nick, surely nothing go can wrong for them this time?... 

Once again Lisa Dickenson's descriptive writing had me crying tears of laughter at the mishaps that thwart Claudia and Nick on their dates, will things ever work out smoothly for them or should they take this as a sign that they should just remain as friends?    

This installment was definitely my favourite so far but the problem with devouring it in one sitting this morning as soon as it downloaded onto my Kindle is that I now have a full week to wait before dates 9&10 are published. I wish now that I had waited until all six installments were available before I started reading them so that I could read them all in one go but I just didn't have the willpower to wait as had been looking forward to reading this series for ages! 

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