Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Reading Challenge: Michelle Jackson - Underneath the Mistletoe & other stories

Six Short Stories of love and romance.

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Under the Mistletoe And other Short Stories is a collection of six short stories from Michelle Jackson that have previously been published, one in an anthology compiled by Poolbeg Press and the others in magazines. 

The stories cover a range of different topics, blind dates, reunions and chance encounters. 

In Underneath the Mistletoe Anna is not looking forward to Christmas this year having recently separated from husband Simon but it looks like her future is bright after a chance encounter at a friend's party...  

My favourite story in the collection was The Train where Orla is anxiously waiting for her blind date to arrive but it looks like he's not coming as he's late but an old woman who sits down next to her on the bench convinces her to give him a chance and wait a few more minutes... who is Madeline and why is she insistent that Orla stay?

I find it really hard to write reviews for collections like this because the stories are so short so there's a danger of giving away spoilers, but they are perfect for reading whenever you have time to relax as each story only takes a few minutes to read.   

I'd like to thank Michelle for sending me a copy of this anthology to review.  

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