Saturday, 22 February 2014

Books Read: Veronica Henry - Love on the Rocks

When the rundown Rocks Hotel comes up for auction in Mariscombe, Lisa and her boyfriend George make a successful bid to escape and live the dream. But their dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Their arch-rival, Bruno Thorne, owner of the Mariscombe Hotel, seems intent on sabotage.

Meanwhile, local chambermaid Molly is harbouring a secret that will blow the whole village apart. Then an unexpected visitor turns up on the doorstep. It seems everyone in Mariscombe is sailing a little too close to the rocks...

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I'd only read a couple of Veronica Henry's books before so when I was offered a review copy of Love on the Rocks, which has just been re-issued, I decided to add it to my growing reading list.

After one tacky job too far model Lisa decides she's had enough and walks out on the job, meanwhile boyfriend George has his own problems at work so when she gets home they decide to get away from it all and head off for an impromptu weekend away to the seaside resort of Mariscombe.

Whilst there Lisa she falls in love with the rundown hotel they are staying at, The Rocks, seeing it for its future potential, and convinces George that this would be the perfect opportunity for them to leave their old lives behind and make a fresh start for themselves in Devon.   

But they have stiff competition from local entrepreneur Bruno Thorne who would love to add The Rocks to his empire so isn't going to make life easy for them, and when some surprise guests turn up on their doorstep one thing's for sure life will certainly be eventful... 

This was such a delightful story with a whole host of interesting characters, other than Lisa, George and Bruno, some you'll love and some you'll probably not, who each had their own tales to tell which all contributed to make this an enjoyable read.  

particularly enjoyed getting to know more about Bruno and Molly, a chambermaid at Bruno's own hotel, and their pasts which were the reasons they were both so driven to make a success for themselves and their families.   

This book would make the perfect beach read this Summer or perhaps like me you can read it on a cold dreary winter's night and be whisked away to the Devon coastline ;-)

I'd like to thank Harriet at Orion Publishing for sending me a copy of this eBook to review. 

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