Saturday, 8 March 2014

Books Read: Joanna Rees - The Key to It All

When five random people simultaneously receive ‘the key’, they don’t realize that their lives are about to change forever. Shrouded in secrecy, the mysterious silver key is delivered to each of them along with a code, a web address and a promise that – if used wisely – it can unlock a door to luxury and privilege beyond their wildest dreams. 

However, as each of them begins to use the key, they are propelled into a world of hazy moral choices, and soon start to question their enigmatic gift. Who is funding the key’s lavish promises? And why have they been chosen to receive it? Only the bravest will use it to seek the truth . . .

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I'd been looking forward to reading The Key to It All by Joanna Rees ever since I first spotted it on Amazon as the concept sounded so intriguing, and having read all of her previous books I'd definitely say that this is definitely her best book to date.

The lives of five complete strangers from different parts of the world are about to suddenly change as they each receive a mysterious key which when used has the unseen power to grant them any wish that they desire. It's a real Pandora's box as it could give a chance to make a difference to their own lives and the lives of those around them but make the wrong choices and it could also turn into a living nightmare...

What I loved most about this storyline was the diversity of the five main characters as they all were completely different, not just because they came from different countries but also the lives they led before and after as a result of receiving the key.  But the one thing that they all do have in common is their ultimate questions... who is behind the key scheme and why were they specifically chosen?

As I've already said I loved the concept of The Key to It All as it sounded so different to anything I'd read previously and it certainly lived up to and exceeded all my expectations.  It was a real page turner of a read which had me hooked right from the off as we're taken on a journey with Julia, Christian, Scooter, Kamika and Harry as they deal with the consequences of the choices they make.  It's a thought provoking story that does make you think about what would you do if you received the ultimate power.

Even though I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this eBook in a clever marketing concept of a unique USB key which definitely would have piqued my interest if I wasn't already sold on reading this story, I have also already bought a paperback copy to add to my bookshelf, bought a copy for my best friend and have also recommended it to many others as it's a fantastic read that I want others to enjoy as much as I did.

I'd like to thank Katie at Pan Macmillan for sending me a copy of this eBook to review.  

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