Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Books Read: Georgina Troy - A Jersey Kiss

Living in the 'sunny isle' it's hard not to fall in love and even though Bea Philips is still reeling from a nasty divorce, the loss of her beloved god-mother and inheriting a legacy that includes something mysterious no one seems able to locate, she still has to find a way to fight a court case that threatens to take away everything she owns. The last thing Bea needs is a distraction in the form of surly builder Luke, or old flame Tom. 

Will Bea find a way to keep her dream home and maybe fall in love? And what exactly is, A Jersey Kiss?

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Tomorrow I'm taking part in the blog tour for Georgina Troy's second novel A Jersey Affair so thought it was about time that I read the first book in the series, A Jersey Kiss, which has been sat on my Kindle since I purchased it last year! 

Bea has already had more than enough to deal with in the past couple of years without having a new battle to deal with... her ex-husband Simon is hounding her for half of the value of her beloved childhood home that she's recently inherited from her aunt.  But with her friends by her side she is not going to give in without a fight until every last option has been explored.

This book had everything you could possibly want, a mystery as to what was the legacy she'd inherited, the drama with her odious ex, plus an interesting mix of characters including a villian or two, and of course a handsome builder on hand to help restore both the house and her trust in men...

A Jersey Kiss was such a charming read that had me cheering Bea on with her battles and hoping that it'll all turn out OK in the end.  Having already read the next book A Jersey Affair which is just as good, I cannot read to read more from this series in the future.

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  1. Oh wow! Thank you so much for your fantastic review, Shaz! I'm so relieved you enjoyed A Jersey Affair too. x