Sunday, 20 April 2014

Reader Spotlight: Amber Kirk-Ford

This afternoon I'm delighted to welcome talented teen blogger Amber to my blog for today's reader spotlight feature... even though I've been reading for as long as I can remember I certainly don't think I'd have had the courage to have done book reviews when I was a teen.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi everyone! My name is Amber, I'm fifteen years old, and I blog about books at The Mile Long Bookshelf. My main hobbies are drawing, painting, listening to music, playing guitar and piano, reading, blogging...there's a lot. I'm also very addicted to Twitter! 

Have you always been a bookworm?
Always. Ever since I was a baby I have been surrounded by books and by people who love books, and I'm very grateful for that. There's nothing better than getting immersed in a book. :)

Do you have a favourite author?
Why does everyone seem to like asking this impossible question? I love Cassandra Clare and Stephanie Perkins. Rainbow Rowell is equally awesome, as is Emmy Laybourne. Not forgetting J.K Rowling, of course!

What is your all-time favourite book that you love to read time and time again?
I hardly ever have time to re-read books as I'm a book blogger so my review pile is constantly getting bigger. However, if I did have time, it would have to be Anna and the French Kiss; prime example of a perfect novel.

Do you have a preferred genre that you mainly read, or are you open to read almost anything?
I'm quite picky when it comes to genres. I'll read YA Contemporary and Dystopia, and a few YA romance novels here and there with the occasional adult novel. I won't read erotica or most classics.

What book is top of your current wishlist?
That's a hard one! I think it has to be Cruel Summer by James Dawson. It looks SO interesting and unique and...gah...I just need it. Now.

Physical books or eBooks, what’s your preference?
Physical books. I just love being able to hold the actual book in my hands, and the cover always looks better in real-life instead of on a screen. Plus, I don't have an eReader. *cue sad violins in the background*

What was the last book you read that made you cry?
The Year of the Rat by Clare Furniss. Sad, honest, and one I could relate to very well - it's a book which will stay with me for a long time.

If you were going to be stuck on a desert island and could only take 3 books with you, which ones would you choose?
Landline by Rainbow Rowell because it's on my bookshelf but I haven't started it yet. Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne simply because it's great fun to read. Lastly...Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. Everyone seems to have read it except me! Although wouldn't it be slightly cruel to myself to only take the first book of a trilogy with me to a desert island? I'd need the next book straight away but I wouldn't be able to get it...

What book would you like to see made into a film and who would you cast for the central characters?
I would love Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell to be made into a film. Tom Felton, who played Draco in the Harry Potter films, would make the perfect Levi, I think. Evanna Lynch would play Cath and Wren really well as she seems to be a mixture of both of their personalities. Lizzy Caplan - who played Janis in Mean Girls - would make an amazing Raegan. It would be hilarious!

Thank you Amber for taking part.  You can connect with Amber via her blog, Twitter, Facebook or her Youtube channel

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