Sunday, 6 April 2014

Reader Spotlight: Tracey Walsh

Today it's the turn of Tracey Walsh to be featured in the Reader Spotlight.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Last October I left my job as an Involvement Co-ordinator for a charity, to spend more time with my husband who had suffered a serious illness the previous year. I’m still trying to get used to saying ‘retired’ when people ask my occupation. I also have a 19-year-old daughter still at home and a rescue dog who thinks he’s a child.

Have you always been a bookworm? 
Some of my earliest memories are of following my Mum round the local library while she chose her books and I can still remember how excited I was when I got my own library card. I’ve always been a reader and if I don’t have a book with me I feel as though there’s part of me missing.

Do you have a favourite author?
I have really tried to narrow it down to one but I’m sorry I can’t – my two favourites are Peter James and Val McDermid.

What is your all-time favourite book that you love to read time and time again?
My all-time favourite would have to be the one that I credit with making me a lifelong reader – Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Rebecca gave me my first ‘shout out loud’ book moment.

Do you have a preferred genre that you mainly read, or are you open to read almost anything? 
Top of my list are psychological thrillers, closely followed by any crime fiction. I also have a preference for book series rather than standalone novels. I very rarely read any other genres but I have enjoyed a change occasionally such as the Bridget Jones books.

What book is top of your current wishlist?
I am currently catching up with the Simon Serrailler series by Susan Hill and the next one on my wishlist is The Betrayal of Trust.

Physical books or eBooks, what’s your preference?
I won’t sit on the fence on this one – I definitely prefer physical books, but I don’t hoard them once I’ve read them. 

The only ones I hang on to are signed copies or copies that are rare in some way. 

What was the last book you read that made you cry?
The type of books I read don’t tend to be tear-jerkers, but I did get upset when reading We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver.

If you were going to be stuck on a desert island and could only take 3 books with you, which ones would you choose?

Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier; The Retribution – Val McDermid; Dead Simple – Peter James

What book would you like to see made into a film and who would you cast for the central characters? 
I recently read Keep Your Friends Close by Paula Daly and I think it would make a great film. I would cast Keeley Hawes as Natty, James McAvoy as Sean and Anna Friel as Eve.

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