Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Books Read: Ali Knight: Until Death

Marriage is a prison for Kelly. Her controlling and manipulative husband Christos videos her in the house, has her followed and tracks her every move. She may be desperate to leave, but she's not stupid. If she runs, he'll make sure she never sees her children again.

Christos has a mistress, Sylvie, keen to pander to his every whim and even keener to step into Kelly's shoes, should she ever vacate them.

Kelly thinks it's stalemate for their twisted threesome, but one of Christos's container ships is about to dock in London with a secret cargo that will change all their lives forever.

If Kelly is to escape, it will be in a way she never imagined, and people will get hurt...

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When I contacted publicists at Hodder & Stoughton about doing this feature week I was offered a copy of Ali Knight's latest book Until Death to review which I gladly accepted especially as I'm tending to read more psychological thrillers this year.

Kelly is desperately unhappy and trapped in a life without love but if she wants to escape she'll need to keep all her wits about her as her husband Christos and his mistress Sylvie have their own plans for her...    

Until Death was certainly a dark, suspensful read with a lot going on throughout with all its twists and turns but for me it was just the right amount without the plot getting too over complicated and unbelievable.   

The characterisations were spot on; from the victim who fights back Kelly, to the scheming mistress Sylvie, to the master manipulator himself Christos.  It's hard to imagine what you would do in Kelly's situation, and unless you've been there you can't imagine how easy it is for control to be handed over especially when at first you believe they are doing it out of love.  

The great thing about discovering a new established author is that you have their back catalogue of books to catch up on so I have now added her first two novels Wink Murder and The First Cut to my Amazon wishlist to read one day...

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