Thursday, 29 May 2014

Books Read: Christina Hopkinson - The A-List Family

Imagine a world where your bikini body has to last all year.

Where paparazzi turn up for the school run.

Where EVERYBODY knows your name, and your eight-year-old daughter's.

Welcome to everyday life in an A-List Family.

Newly employed to look after the daughter of a super-rich and famous power couple, Anna is about to find out what life is really like behind the closed doors of celebrity. And soon she starts to wonder: once you're in, can you get out?

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When a copy of The A-List Family dropped through my letterbox I wasn't really sure if it would be for me as I'm not really interested in 'celebrity' gossip so a story featuring a celebrity family, would I care enough to read it even though I knew it was fiction and not real-life?

Anna is a graduate looking for work who somehow finds herself employed as a tutor to the gifted daughter of actress Cally and her film producer husband Sholto.  She soon finds that eight-year-old Atigone is not your typical eight-year-old interested in dressing up in princess dresses, nope she's a young girl who is expected to be the best at everything she does.  But Anna soon discovers that life behind closed doors is very different to the life that's led in the public eye...

Anna was such a delightful character, like a fish out of water at first she has to find her feet and fast unless she wants to find herself out on her ear again looking for a new job, whereas some of the other characters were a little shallow but they all played their parts within the storyline.

This book was a bit of a slow burner for me as it took me a while to get into it but I read the last third of it in a single sitting as it got interesting so it wasn't all bad.  I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that under all the glamour there were dark secrets waiting to be uncovered which made it all the more of an interesting read for me.   

I'd like to thank Karen at Hodder & Stoughton for sending me a copy of this book to review.  

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