Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Books Read: Sheila O'Flanagan - Things We Never Say

The things we never say: 

A daughter doesn't say how she feels about the past...

A husband is afraid to say that selling the house his wife loves is the only option...

A son can't say how useful his ageing father's fortune will be when he's gone...

But if those things were said, the results might be surprising.  As Abbey - and a whole family she knew nothing of - are about to find out. 

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Firstly I must apologise to Sheila O'Flanagan as I actually received a proof copy of Things We Never Say from Headline last year but it got caught up in the backlog that built up last Summer.

The story begins with a series of flashbacks introducing us to the central characters in the book, 55 years ago in Tipperary, 10 years ago in Dublin and 8 years ago in San Francisco.  At first it's not clear how they are all connected but as the story progresses, and a deeply hidden secret is revealed, the mystery is uncovered and we soon see how this affects the lives of all concerned... 

Things We Never Say is an interesting tale about family relationships and how one moment in time, in this case a TV documentary, can have a monumental impact on the life of a viewer and subsequently other members of the family, both near and far.   

Having read all of Sheila's books in the past I was expecting romance, and yes there is a little bit towards the end, but what I actually got was a gripping read full of interesting characters and family dramas as they react to the unexpected revelations.  I also loved the intrigue surrounding one of the characters who we don't meet until towards the end and although I had guessed her story it didn't spoil it for me.  

Although there are quite a lot of characters involved, they each played their part into making this such an enjoyable read.

I'd like to thank Frances at Headline for sending me a copy of this book to review. 

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