Thursday, 12 June 2014

Guest Book Review: Gaelen Foley - The Secrets of a Scoundrel

Reviewed by Sarah Brew

Nick, Lord Forrester's reputation is legendary-both as a lethal warrior and a wicked lover. But when his rule-breaking ways land him in a Scottish dungeon he's left there to rot, until a mysterious lady visits his cell, offering him a way out.

All he must do is risk his neck on the mission she proposes-and obey her every command. One look at the luscious beauty has Nick ready to promise her anything, but he must resist his desire, or she could send him straight back to prison.

Virginia, Lady Burke, is well aware that the powerful ex-spy will try to take command of their quest, but it's her job to keep him under control. Yet how can she keep this untamable scoundrel under her thumb when all she really wants is to unleash the smoldering passion between them?

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This fast-paced adventurous book takes the reader far from the staid London ballrooms and
townhouses that are the stuff of many a Regency romance. Virginia, Lady Burke, is a private 
investigator and when she learns that girls are going missing, victims of a trafficking ring, she is determined to rescue them and stop the trade. Nick. Lord Forrester, has a fearsome reputation as a warrior and as a lover. His refusal to comply with the rules of his order leaves him in a Scottish dungeon.

These two strong characters come together when Virginia visits Nick in his cell and enlists him on a dangerous mission to rescue the girls; but can the strong-willed Nick bend to obey Virginia’s every command?

Along the way, it is obvious that both Nick and Virginia have secrets and the reader is kept gripped awaiting the reveal of these as well as by the dramatic plot. Both are both strong-willed, tough to the outside world and yet we see the other side of their characters both in their love affair and in their concern for the missing girls. We also meet Virginia’s son and this shows another side of her character as well as providing another dimension to the story. When danger threatens, we see the strength of their love as they put complete trust in each other. 

As with the majority of Regency romance series, the book is fine as a stand-alone but if, like me, you love to see characters develop and spot old friends, then do try to read the books in sequence – this is the last in the Inferno Club series. I’m looking forward to seeing what Gaelen Foley is bringing out next – her books get better and better!

I'd like to thank Clara at Little Brown for sending me a copy of this book and Sarah for reviewing it for me.  

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