Saturday, 14 June 2014

Guest Book Review: Henriette Gyland - The Highwayman's Daughter

Reviewed by Tanya Phillips

Is it a crime to steal a heart? 

Hounslow, 1768. Jack Blythe, heir to the Earl of Lampton, is a man with great expectations. So when his carriage is held up by a masked woman, brandishing a pistol and dressed as a gentleman of the road, he wholly expects to have his purse stolen. And when he senses something strangely familiar about the lovely little bandit, Jack also expects to win his cousin’s wager by tracking her down first. 

But as Jack and the highwaywoman enter into a swashbuckling game of cat and mouse, uncovering an intricate web of fiercely guarded family secrets, the last thing Jack expects to have stolen is his heart.

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The Highwayman's Daughter is set in 1768 and at the beginning Jack Blythe, Viscount Halliford, and his cousin Rupert are held up on their way home from a gambling den by a highwayman who in fact turns out to be a highwaywoman.  They are made to hand over all of their valuables including Jack's wallet, which is fifty guineas lighter after their night out, Rupert's waistcoat and she even chops off Jack's ponytail! 

After realising that they had been held up by a woman the two cousins set themselves a wager to try and be the first to find her but both have very different reasons for wanting to do so.

The novel then goes on to tell the adventures of the young men in their search and involves the uncovering of many family secrets and cover-ups.  

I surprisingly enjoyed this book as I normally do not read books set in this period however it was a gripping read and I found that I could not put it down.  The characters are all interesting, as is the story of their relationships.  I would definitely recommend that you read this book if you like a good romance with some twists.

I'd like to thank Liz at Choc Lit for sending me a copy of this eBook and Tanya for reviewing it for the blog.  


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun. My Choc Lit wish list keeps growing... Great review!

  2. Many thanks to Tanya for this fabulous review. It was nice waking up on a Sunday morning and see this!

  3. It's on my TBR list and looking forward to it immensely. Maybe not the best time to have lived, but one of the best eras for a good novel.

    Liv x

  4. What fun! I really like the sound of this. I've read Henri's first two novels, so family secrets are all part of the fun when it comes to unravelling the truth. I loved the unpredictability and surprise endings of The Elephant Girl and Up Close, so this is going to be another 'have to read'.

  5. I loved this book :) If you like swashbuckling heroes and a feisty heroine, you will too.
    A real page-turner. xx

  6. It sounds like a fun book, Henri. It's another for TBR pile, I fear.

  7. A definite must-read for me! I love a feisty heroine.