Thursday, 28 August 2014

Books Read: Isabelle Broom - The Wedding Speech

Ed waited until all the eyes in the room were on him before he began. He took a deep breath, inhaling as he did so the sweet scent from the lilies, which were arranged extravagantly in front of him. 'Ladies and gents, I promise to try and keep this short and sweet…'

When Billy asked his best mate Ed to be his best man, Ed knew he would have to make a speech and he was dreading it. But he also knew how important it was to Billy - and to his soul mate and wife-to-be, Amelia. So Ed is determined to do them proud. But little does he know that it will be the most important speech he will ever make, and his toast - 'To Billy and Amelia - together forever' - will mean more than he ever thought.

A beautiful short story to remind you of the importance of love.

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Even though I have such a backlog of review books to read I couldn't wait to read The Wedding Speech by Isabelle Broom, which was the winner of The Great British Write Off short story competition, which I've had on pre-order ever since I first heard about it.

It's hard to write a review for something that's so short, only 22 pages, but as the story and synopsis suggests this is a story where Ed has agreed to be best man at his best friend Billy's wedding to Amelia and therefore is expected to give a speech.  A speech which he certainly did in style, it was funny but also very moving, and he certainly did them proud....

What impressed me the most was that considering this was such a short quick read, Isabelle still managed to throw in a twist that completely took me by surprise and had me welling up at what I was reading.  A simply stunning debut by Isabelle so I sincerely hope that we get to read more from her in the future.

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