Friday, 1 August 2014

Books Read: Nicola Doherty - Poppy Does Paris (Girls on Tour Book 1)

Paris. City of love, city of romance. The last place you want to go to on a work trip when you're in the middle of an epic dry spell. But that's where Poppy is headed, along with her colleague Charlie, who's shallow and annoying but very, very good-looking. 

During a white-wine-fuelled session with her friend Alice, Poppy concocts the perfect plan: work by day, and have some no-strings fun with Charlie by night. Of course, it might prove a little more complicated than that, but it's nothing Poppy can't handle - or is it?

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This year seems to be the year of serials so I wasn't surprised when I heard news of another one, Girls on Tour, from Nicola Doherty.  Poppy does Paris is the first in a 5 book series with interlinking characters and as the title suggests features single girl Poppy who is off on a work trip to Paris to woo an author but she's not travelling alone as her jack-the-lad colleague Charlie is coming with her...

I will admit upfront that I'm not a fan of novellas as by their nature they're too quick a read for me, and because of their length I always struggle to write reviews for them.  But I did enjoy Poppy does Paris mainly because it was full of comedic writing from Nicola Doherty.  Right from the very first page she had me chuckling at Poppy's cringeworthy attempts at writing a bio for herself for an online dating site.  And her trip to the city of love Paris certainly leads to some more entertaining moments but it's soon clear to see that Poppy's attempts at seduction need a little work!

With its humour and romantic backdrop, Poppy does Paris was an entertaining read which helped to pass the time but personally I would have loved that little bit more.

I received a copy of this novella from the publisher via NetGalley.  

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