Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Debut Spotlight & Giveaway: S D Sykes

Tomorrow sees the publication of another debut novel, Plague Land, a historical crime novel, by S D Sykes.

S D Sykes lives in Kent with her family and various animals. She has done everything from professional dog-walking to co-founding her own successful business. She is a graduate from Manchester University and has an MA in Writing from Sheffield Hallam. She attended the novel writing course at literary agents Curtis Brown where she was inspired to finish her first novel. She has also written for radio and has developed screenplays with Arts Council funding.

Oswald de Lacy is trying to organize a murder investigation.

Despatched to a monastery at the age of seven, sent home again at eighteen when his father and two older brothers were killed by the Black Death, Oswald was never meant to be Lord of Somershill Manor, or to face this kind of responsibility.

When he comes home, the years of pestilence and neglect have altered the estate dramatically, not to mention the attitude of the surviving peasants.

Yet some things never change. Oswald's mother remains the powerful matriarch of the family, and his sister Clemence simmers in the background, dangerous and unmarried.

Before he can do anything, Oswald is confronted by the vicious murder of a young woman, Alison Starvecrow. The ambitious village priest claims that Alison was the victim of demonic dog-headed men. Oswald is certain this is nonsense, but proving it - by finding the real murderer - is quite a different matter.

Every step he takes seems to lead Oswald deeper into a maze of political intrigue, family secrets and violent strife.  He is close to losing all power and respect.

And then the body of another girl is found.

If you like the sound of Plague Land then you're in luck as I received a copy for review but as it's not really a genre I review and am already struggling to keep on top of books I aready have, I asked the publishers if I could give it away instead.  Enter via the Rafflecopter form below, sadly as this is a hardback book I am going to have to restrict this to UK entrants only due to the cost of postage.  a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Sounds great! Fingers crossed, v generous of you Ajax!

  2. I mean Shaz - God knows why my Kindle thinks I'm talking to a Dutch football team!

  3. Thank you for a fab giveaway :-)

  4. sounds good! I'm always on the lookout for a good read x