Monday, 1 September 2014

I'm taking part in #NetGalleyMonth challenge this September

I like many other bloggers get very trigger happy on NetGalley when I see all of the fab eBooks on there that are available to review but more often than not these sit waiting on my Kindle for months, and I'm ashamed to admit even a year, before I can get around to reading them!

Taylor at Chicks That Read has come up with this #NetGalleyMonth challenge as a fun way for us bloggers to tackle some of our outstanding reviews and increase our Feedback to Approval ratio.

Since I started blogging in October 2011 I have downloaded 166 eBooks for review but so far I have only reviewed 89 of them which means that my current ratio is only at 53.6% which is not very good at all.  So I'm going to try and challenge myself during the month to try and review 15 out of the selection of 25 eBooks below (and not request any new ones... will probably fail at that!), check back during the month to see how I'm doing!

Alexandra Brown - Ice Creams at Carrington's
Alison Mercer - After I Left You
Alison Sherlock - The Desperate Wife's Survival Plan
Carole Matthews - A Place to Call Home
Elizabeth Litlle - Dear Daughter
Ella Harper - Pieces of You
Emma Kavangah - Falling
Havana Adams - Black Diamond
Havana Adams - Remember My Name
Harriet Evans - A Place for Us (Part 1)
Harriet Evans - A Place for Us (Part 2)
Jacqui Rose - Avenged
Jane Fallon - Skeletons
Jane Green - Saving Grace
Katie Fforde - The Perfect Match
Lucy Dillon - A Hundred Pieces of Me
Matt Cain - Shot Through the Heart
Michelle Kelly - When I Wasn't Watching
Nicci French - Thursday's Children
Rachael English - Each and Every One
Sinead Crowley - Can Anybody Help Me?
Susan Lewis - Don't Let Me Go
Tim Weaver - Never Coming Back
Victoria Hislop - The Sunrise
Wendy Holden - Gifted and Talented

As part of the challenge month Taylor has received a fantastic selection of prizes from publishers and authors that can be won, enter via the Rafflecopter form below.
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