Friday, 24 October 2014

Guest Book Review: Victoria Connelly - The Secret of You

Reviewed by Tanya Phillips

Journalist Anna McCall has never understood people who collect things so, when she’s asked to interview local collector and eccentric, William Kitson, she isn’t exactly looking forward to the experience. 

But she soon falls under the charm of Fox Hill Manor as well as its owner, even though she thinks there’s something very strange about the collection there. What exactly is William hiding in the unused wing of the manor house? And is it a story Anna could sell?  

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Firstly I really enjoyed this book, I have always been an avid collector and interested in History so jumped at the chance to review this book.  Both these things are covered in it and in an interesting way.  

Anna McCall is a freelance journalist and her sister Libby is an avid collector who collects everything you can think off from pigs to cushions, dolls and dolls houses to china plates.  In fact her house is over crowded with her collections.  Anna is more of a minimalist who likes things to be kept tidy and sees little point in collecting items. Her house “was a place of total relaxation and minimum fuss – a place devoid of nasty fruit platters and china figurines.  Space and peace, she called it.  Space and Peace.”

Therefore it is a surprise when Anna accepts a commission to write an article on William Kitson who turns out to have bought a mansion, Fox Hill Manor, to hold his varied and vast collection of items.  He has a room for armour and one that contains old photos.  How will she write about this gentleman and his strange passion for collecting?  She is invited to stay at the manor to learn about the man and his items.

During her stay at the Manor Anna finds that she is getting very interested in William and his collection and is beginning to understand the thinking behind it all.  However there seems to be a reservation that will not allow him to open up properly and he appears to be hiding things from her prying eyes.  What secrets wont her tell her about?  What are these strange feelings she has?  

Through the book you understand how there are lots of reasons for people to collect and how it can take over your whole life if you allow it.  Thankfully I think I have control of my collections ignoring my book shelves mind!!!

I really enjoyed this book and found it easy to read and the secrets that are revealed have you thinking and wondering if it could be true!

I'd like to thank Victoria and Notting Hill Press for sending us a copy of this eBook for Tanya to review.

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