Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Guest Post: 5 things you should know about Esme McLeod by Kerry Barrett

Today I'm joined by Kerry Barrett who's going to give us an insight into the heroine in her Could it be Magic series Esme McLeod but first of all let's take a quick peek at the cover of the next book in the series Baby It's Cold Outside which is published tomorrow, isn't it gorgeous? 

For better or much, much worse...

Esme and Jamie have finally got their perfect wedding day planned. Beautiful snowy landscape – check. Amazing venue – check. Stunning dress – check.

But when an avalanche seals off their gorgeous mountain hometown from the outside world, their dream day starts to look more like a nightmare. 

Especially when Jamie’s ex turns up on their doorstep with a surprise neither of them expected!

Whilst Esme’s magical powers can solve a lot of problems, it's starting to look like their big day is doomed! Is Esme and Jamie’s wedding simply not meant to be, or can they still make it down the aisle, against all the odds?

My latest novel Baby It’s Cold Outside comes out tomorrow (October 9th) and to celebrate I thought I’d share five things you need to know about my heroine Esme McLeod. The novel is all about Esme’s wedding – and how her plans all go wrong when an unexpected visitor shows up. And I also thought I should share five things about me, too. After all, why should Esme get all the fun?!

Five things about Esme McLeod

1. She’s a control freak. She likes to be in charge.

2. She’s also a witch. And magic is unpredictable – which makes life a bit tricky sometimes. 

3. She really, really loves her fiancĂ© Jamie and can’t wait to tie the knot with him. She's determined to finally make it down the aisle after lots of hiccups on her journey to be with Jamie.

4. She is NOT impressed when Jamie’s ex-fiancee, Tansy, turns up on the doorstep just one week before her wedding.

5. Family is really important to Esme and she can’t wait to settle down with Jamie and raise a family of her own. But it looks very much like things aren’t going to work out as she planned. The wedding will still go ahead, though. Right? Right?!

Five things about Kerry Barrett

1. I am not a witch, though I’ve always wanted to be.

2. Nothing is as thrilling as seeing my books on Amazon.

3. My favourite things are Strictly Come Dancing, chocolate, vampires, zombies, bookshops, stationery (buy me a nice pen and I’ll be your friend for life) and my family. Not necessarily in that order.

4. I love writing about Esme and Harmony – it’s like meeting up with old friends.

5. It took me six years to write Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered and another two years to get it published. I’m a great believer in the saying if at first you don’t succeed, try, try TRY again.

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