Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Books Read: Diane Chamberlain - The Broken String

Some secrets need to be told... 

As a child, Riley always suspected there was a secret her parents and brother protected her from, a secret that ruined the bond between her and her brother and threatened to tear her family apart. Now seventeen years old, Riley is flying out to visit her brother Danny who has been wounded whilst fighting in Iraq. And she's is determined to find out what this secret is. 

But will uncovering the truth bring her and her brother together again and give her the answers she craves, or will it simply lead to more questions...

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I have been eagerly awaiting the publication of Diane Chamberlain's next novel The Silent Sister, which is due to be published here in the UK in January, so when I saw that her US publishers had a copy of this short story available on NetGalley I decided to chance my luck and request a copy to read for review. 

The Broken String serves as an introduction to seventeen year old Riley, one of the central characters in The Silent Sister, who is travelling to the bedside of her older brother Danny who has been injured whilst on active service in Iraq.  

During the flight she recalls events from her family's past which give us a insight into the family dynamics as well as a glimpse into a dark family secret that has remained hidden for many years which had changed the family forever...   

Even though this was such a short story, only 40 odd pages, it, along with the first chapter preview of The Silent Sister, has whetted my appetite and has definitely left me wanting to discover more so I cannot wait to read The Silent Sister as soon as it's available here in the UK. 

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  1. I just read it ... it sets up and explains the tensions in "The Silent Sister".