Thursday, 20 November 2014

Guest Book Review: Emma Bennet - His Secret Daughter

Reviewed by Tanya Phillips

Iris Brown is a single parent doing her best to raise her beautiful two-year-old daughter, Paola. But when Sergio, Paola’s father, a dashing-but-arrogant Spanish businessman comes back on the scene, everyone’s lives are thrown into chaos. She fears he may take Paola away from her. Iris must decide what’s best for her and her daughter, and whether she can ever trust Sergio again. 

He broke her heart once. Will she let him do it again? 

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I want to say a big thank you to Emma and say that this book is responsible for a rather haggard lady as I stayed up till 3 to finish it one morning!  It was captivating by how charming that it was written.  The descriptions of the characters and the places were refreshing and made you feel like you were part of it not just a bystander.

Iris Brown has a two year old daughter called Paolo who is the spitting image of her father Sergio, the man Iris refused to tell about being pregnant because after one passionate night she found out things that put a stop to any further relationship. Consequently Sergio finds out by a chance encounter in the park.  From that point onwards he wants to be a dad to Paolo and pulls out all the stops.  He insists on Iris doing things she is not too happy to do.  She is so scared that he will take her darling daughter Paolo away from her that she often goes along with his arrogant ways.

However can a strong passion ever subside completely can she quell the feelings that are brewing in her for him?  Can they get through a day without some kind of disagreement?

They both want what is best for their two year old daughter but is it best to have them both playing such major roles in her life when they are both frustratingly stubborn and won’t speak their true feelings.  At times I found myself wanting to shout at them both and saying why don’t you just listen to each other not assume!!

You really need to read this book if you are in the mood for a light hearted feel good read that will have you frustrated but saying ohhh all at the same time.

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