Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Fictional Characters in Panto: Robin Hood with a sprinkling of Cinderella …

This morning I have another fabulous festive feature for you from Emma Davies, author of Letting in Light, or in a seasonal variation, Robin Hood with a sprinkling of Cinderella …

This is so difficult, putting your book characters into a pantomime, but I think in my case it had to be Robin Hood, seeing as a large part of Letting in Light is set at Rowan Hill, a woodland estate.

So that must make Will, the lead male character, Robin Hood? Erm, well no actually. You see Will is not your typical dashing hero, never really pictured him in tights somehow (too short), but I think he'd make a good Will Scarlett, grumpy (but with good reason), brooding, but a good man, misunderstood, and just needing the love of a good woman, which brings me to Ellie …

Now Ellie is definitely a Maid Marion type, looks good in autumn colours, teeny bit feisty, and not adverse to a bit of ‘theres a bear behind you’ … ‘A bare behind, where?!’ She's no slouch when it comes to fighting for her man either, and I think if pushed would definitely buckle her swash! 

The prize for looking good in tights goes to Finn, tall, blue eyes, blond hair, but I think he's wandered in from the rehearsal next door where they're performing Cinderella because he's more of a Buttons I feel, a loyal friend, clever, quick witted, fast talking, and always up for a bit of fun, especially at Christmas. He can certainly slap my thigh any day, but is he in love with Ellie? Well that would be telling … (oh no it wouldn't! Oh yes it would!)

So who is Ben? Quiet and understated, so perhaps not a dashing hero, but in many ways he is the hero of the piece. He saves Will’s life, but does that make him Robin Hood to Ella's Maid Marion? Mind you he does play the violin and fiddle so he’s definitely your man for the musical numbers….

And finally, always accompanied by a ‘boo’ and a hiss would be the lovely Caroline, evil ex wife, and plotter of dirty deeds. She’d be perfect to play the Sherriff of Nottingham, greedy and money grabbing, and although she never actually appears in Letting in Light, she's there, right BEHIND YOU!

And just to put you in the mood for some Christmas festivities ….

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