Monday, 15 December 2014

Guest Book Review: Talli Roland - Marriage to Measure

Reviewed by Tanya Phillips 

When Serenity Holland proposes to her long-time boyfriend Jeremy, she’s certain ‘forever’ is a perfect fit. As the wedding train steams forward, though, Serenity starts to wonder if they really are an ideal match. From a crusty old ring to a dilapidated house she’s left to renovate on her own – not to mention the appearance of Jeremy’s clingy ex-fiancée – engagement feels more like disengagement. 

Even worse, wedding planning’s like a bad hangover as Serenity juggles the wishes of family and friends with her bossy mother-in-law-to-be, resulting in a Frankenwedding nothing like the simple ceremony she envisioned. 

Can Serenity knit her relationship back together and fashion a celebration that suits, or will ‘I do’ become ‘I don’t’? 

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When Sharon asked me if I wanted to review this book I jumped at the chance because over the last few months I have become a fan of Talli’s books and I must say this book was just as good as all the others and hence why I always read them so fast.  I haven’t read the other books in the series and this book is great to read as a standalone although I will now purchase and read the others.

At the beginning Serenity Holland proposes to her live in partner and work colleague Jeremy at the top of a Primrose Hill in the rain.  Not exactly the romantic scenario that she had planned.  Is this the sign of things to come, are things never going to go to plan?  The wedding plans get complicated when they decided to get married within a few months and also purchase a house that needs renovating.  Of course they decide it’s easy to do both,  she will plan the wedding and Jeremy will take over with renovating and the building work involved in the dream house.

All this is before Jeremy’s mum, Felicity, comes on the scene and turns the wedding plans upside down, taking control and making determined suggestions from the wedding dress to the venue, menu and chair covers.  Will they have the wedding they want?  Will they actually discuss anything?  Will the house ever get finished in time?

You cannot help feeling sorry for Serenity in this story as she tries to do what she thinks Jeremy will want her to do to help build a better relationship with his parents. Along the way she allows others to decide for her what she should do, including her friend,  Lizzie, who is determined to design and make her wedding dress.  Some aspects are cringeworthy and I am so glad that I helped to decide my husbands and my wedding and with a lot less fuss.

The characters in the book are great and you can’t help but like many of them and obviously feel annoyed by those you are supposed to be annoyed with.  Well done Talli on another great book I can’t wait to read your next release and catch up with the others in this series.

Thank you Talli for sending us your eBook to review, and Tanya for another fab review.

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  1. A huge thanks to Tanya for taking the time to read and review!