Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Guest Book Review: Michele Gorman - Bella Summer Takes a Chance

Reviewed by Tanya Phillips

When is enough not enough? 

Bella's career and relationship are her life's foundationwear: not glamorous and perhaps a bit binding, but supportive enough... until she realizes that they are not enough. Her life is sagging badly. She's never been in love with her boyfriend, despite a decade together. And somehow she stopped being a musician-with-a-day-job and became a consultant-who-was-musical. So she takes a terrifying leap of faith, leaving her relationship and resolving to follow her musical dreams no matter what. 

But the life you walk away from doesn't always let you walk away.  

With a wonderfully warm and witty cast of friends, all navigating between their ideals and the realities they face, together they'll find out what love and compromise really mean in this empowering tale about grasping life with both hands. 

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Firstly I must apologise to Michele for the delay in reviewing this eBook that she sent me back in late 2013 and thank Tanya for reviewing it for the blog.

I was pleased to be asked to read this book as I liked the blurb and it sounded like a refreshing change but at the same time an easy read that was just what I was in the mood for.  The chapters are short and snappy and the characters mostly fun and interesting. 

What is the difference about loving someone and being in love with someone?  It’s thankfully not a question that I have ever had to ask myself but that is the question B asks her boyfriend Mattias.  They have shared a decade of their life together but after watching a film one evening the question “Are you in love with me?” change their outlook of their relationship.  They part on friendly terms but B leaves their home to flat share with Frederick a man she believes is gay.

B copes with the big change in her life with some support and also criticism from her friends Kat, Clare and Faith.  Not all of which agree with her decision to leave Mattias and to try to find the “true love”.  The friends are the type that all women want; someone you can talk to honestly and don’t mind them giving advice even if it is not what you want to hear and at the same time they support you in your decisions.  The girls are all supportive of her musical talents and are there to cheer her on her path seeking  stardom.  The conversations the girls have and their ability to banter with each other was fun and reminded me of my friends and me.  I would like to think I am there for my friends in their time of need. 

Frederick the flat mate plays quite a big part in the novel and again I found that I enjoyed the growing friendly relationship of B and him.  I found myself thinking how lovely it is to have a man’s opinion of things and the honesty with how he would advise her.  He seems like a fun person to be around and his support at the big step she has taken in invaluable. 

The story in the book is captivating and the various relationships that B has with men was interesting and makes me glad I am not single and looking for a partner. Things have certainly changed!  

I really wanted B to get what she is seeking for in life in love and with her career.  I don’t want to give away any part of the story line.  The book was really good and I will be looking out for more by this author. 

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