Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Books Read: Nikki Moore - Skating at Somerset House

There’s nothing Holly Winterlake loves more than Christmas and skating, so working as an Ice Marshall at London's Somerset House is a dream come true. 

Noel Summerford hates the festive season and is a disaster on the ice, so taking his godson to Somerset House is his idea of the nightmare before Christmas! 

Things are bound to get interesting when these two collide… 

With a forty foot Christmas tree, an assortment of well meaning friends and relatives, and a mad chocolate Labrador, will this festive season be one to remember … or forget?

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The problem with so many fantastic books being published is that I want to read them all but there's simply not enough hours in the day but one series that caught my eye recently was Nikki Moore's #LoveLondon series which features some of London's iconic landmarks.

It's said that opposites attract and that's certainly the case for Noel and Holly who meet when Noel brings his godson Jasper to the skating rink at Somerset House where Holly works.  Noel, despite his Christmassy sounding name, hates anything festive so it's his idea of hell being there even more so because he cannot skate.  Whereas Holly is a Christmas addict and an extremely accomplished skater who loves working on the ice and she soon spots Jasper's talent and offers to teach him some skills which means that Noel will need to bring him back to the rink...

Normally when I'm reading a novella I often feel a little short-changed but reading this I didn't feel like that at all, the storyline flowed effortlessly and it had the right balance for me between engaging characters, comedy moments and of course romance.

As a non-Londoner I certainly loved reading about Somerset House, somewhere I've heard a lot about but have still never visited, so maybe this will be the year that I finally do make it there!

Skating at Somerset House was the perfect feel-good read I needed after a depressing day.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading about their antics and cannot wait to read the rest of the books in the series and discover other locations that I've never been to before.

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