Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Books Read: Fiona Harper - The Doris Day Vintage Film Club

Claire Bixby grew up watching Doris Day films at her grandmother’s house and yearned to live in a world like the one on the screen – sunny, colourful and where happy endings with chiselled leading men were guaranteed. But recently Claire’s opportunities for a little ‘pillow talk’ have been thin on the ground. 

Until she meets mysterious Dominic. Nic is full of secrets but their connection is instant. Could he help Claire finding the Hollywood ending she’s been searching for? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps… 

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I've read a few of Fiona Harper's Christmas books in the past which I loved so when I was contacted by Cara at Mills and Boon asking if I'd like a review copy of The Doris Day Vintage Film Club I didn't hesitate to say yes as the book sounded magical.

Despite living in close quarters Claire Bixby's path never seems to cross with her neighbour Dominic as he works away a lot judging by the junk mail piling up for him in the communal hallway but leaving his bike for her to trip over after a night out is the final straw for Claire who decides to write him a snotty note.  Dominic soon replies with his own snide barbs and soon they're exchanging notes on a regular basis.

When Claire meets Nick at a social event she's attending with a client there's an instant attraction between them but little does she realise who he actually is.  They soon meet again when he comes into her travel agency to book a trip without realising that her speciality is romantic breaks!

As well as inheriting her grandmother's flat, Claire has also inherited her love of Doris Day, having watched all her films together when she was a child, so helps run the monthly Doris Day Vintage Film Club that's held in a local pub where like-minded enthusiasts, young and old, meet to watch Doris Day films.  The films they choose each month are chosen based on their mood and what messages they were looking for.

The characters who made up the film group were an interesting and diverse group from Maggs, Claire's grandmother's best friend, Peggy, who we met in Fiona Harper's previous novel The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams which I've still to review, George, the only male in the group who has an unrequited love for Maggs, to Abby, the youngest and newest member of the group who has been talked into joining the group to learn to be a little less tomboyish. I loved the camaraderie between them all and how they all supported each other through their ups and down and Claire could sure use some help with her dilemmas over Nick.

I've a big confession to make now and that is that somehow in my forty-plus years I have never watched a Doris Day film in my life so I did wonder whether the film references would pass me by but I'm pleased to say that if anything it's piqued my interest to dig a few films out to watch for myself.

Although at times I found myself wanting to knock their heads together, I loved the misunderstandings between Claire and Nic that created all the tension which led up to the most perfect romantic ending.  Overall The Doris Day Vintage Film Club was just the relaxing read I needed to unwind after a stressful day at work.

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  1. I've seen lots about this book and haven't picked it up yet, but this review is great and it sounds really good! I was also unsure as I haven't watched any Doris Day, but if that doesn't matter too much then I will have to be grabbing a copy!

  2. It's just arrived on my Kindle - which is my weekend sorted!