Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Guest Post: Finding Humour in Unlikely Situations by Wendy Holden

Today it's my pleasure to be kicking off Wendy Holden's Wild and Free blog tour with a guest post from Wedny talking about finding humour in the unlikeliest of situations.

Humour is personal. As a comic writer, I write about what makes me laugh. Otherwise, you’re second-guessing what might amuse people in an awful, after-dinner-speech kind of way, which would be depressing. (Although I can see a comic scene even in that, to be honest; an after-dinner speech going horribly – and hilariously – wrong.) But it’s probably true to say that I can spot the potential humour in something faster than someone who doesn’t write romantic–comic novels for a living. 

You develop an eye and you get to see how the unlikeliest situations can yield some amazingly funny material. I was at a very dull meeting at my children’s school the other day, for instance; someone said something about pushy mothers and suddenly an entire scenario leaped into my head, which I’ve just started working on. 

Celebrity lives are positive volcanoes of brilliant material. You simply can’t make them up – from those women who think the world will take them more seriously if they adopt African babies and/or wear ethical diamonds to the Oscars, to those men who don’t let the film crew look them in the eye.

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Wild & Free is the festival du jour. Everyone piles through its gates - and Cupid lies in wait to sprinkle a little midsummer madness on them all. 

Teacher Ginnie is desperate to forget her crush on headmaster Mark, and hopes glamping might do the trick. But Mark is also heading for Wild & Free to reform his college band ... desperate not to be seen by anyone he knows. 

Mark's bandmate James dreams of a festival blow-out with his son, Guy ... until his wife Victoria's ambition kills the dream. Now she and Guy are en route to Wild & Free instead but when Guy meets Shanna-Mae and falls for her earthy charms, Victoria is determined to snap Cupid's arrow. 

Will the magic of the festival send them wild? Or set them free to find peace and love?

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