Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Guest Book Review: Emma Hamilton - Greedily Yours - Episode 4: Coffee a Go-Go

Reviewed by Kelly Spillane

Episode 4 of 8: Mia Maxwell gets the break she's been hoping for - the chance to publish a book from her blog. She sets off excitedly on a culinary voyage of discovery to Ethiopia and Lebanon. From ancient grains to coffee ceremonies, will she learn enough about life and love to create her own recipe for love? 

Greedily Yours is a serial novel about the quest for top dishes ... with a dash of accidental love. 

Mia Maxwell loves food. She loves it so much that she's made it her career. On the surface Mia seems to have it all sewn up. She lives in trendy east London with her best friend. By day she runs her own food PR consultancy, and by night she's a food blogger enjoying a burgeoning audience. Mia has a banker boyfriend who enjoys travelling the world, enabling her to taste the globe's culinary delights. But Mia is still hungry and, when she heads down to Cornwall to run a food festival, she doesn't realize that her entire life is about to be cast adrift. 

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After a break up with her boyfriend of four years, Mia Maxwell suddenly runs into the Tom on a cycle through Vietnam. Mia and Tom haven't been able to stop thinking about each other since they met at a food festival in Cornwall. Now that the horrible Paul is out of the picture, Mia is able to focus all of her attention on the gorgeous Tom. Throw in the book deal she's just been offered to turn her blog into a book and Mia's life seems to be on the up. This installment of Greedily Yours sees Mia travel to Ethiopia and Lebanon to research for her book.

The chemistry between Mia and Tom is beautifully written and I was delighted that they go to meet up again in this installment. The food once again is brilliantly described and left my mouth watering on more than one occasion. The description of the coffee in Ethiopia is amazing and left me with the smell of a strong black coffee lingering around my nostrils. It is so nice to see the characters of Mia, Lizzie and Tom be so enthusiastic and in love with food.

Mia's characters just becomes more and more loveable with every episode, I am really enjoying reading about  Mia's adventures, not only are her trips abroad interesting to read about they are also very informative about the places that she has visited. At the end of each episode I feel that I have learnt something about the culture of the places Mia had visited, in this episode, it was Ethiopia.

The end of each episode leaves me wanting more and this one was no different, I can't wait to sink into my teeth into episode number five to find out what happens to Mia next. I am enjoying this series more and more everytime I read an installment. Each episode is short and sweet and leaves you smiling when you finish it.

I'd like to thank Hayley at ED PR for sending us Greedily Yours: Coffee a Go-Go for Kelly to review.

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