Monday, 17 August 2015

Guest Book Review: Ruth Saberton - A Time for Living (Polwenna Bay 2)

Reviewed by Tanya Phillips

Is there ever a right time for love? 

Feisty horsewoman, Morwenna Tremaine, has always known what she wants from life and success as a three day event rider is all she’s ever dreamed of. Mo has neither the time nor the inclination for love. Even if she did it wouldn’t be with a man who stands for everything she despises… 

Beneath a tough and determined exterior, businessman Ashley Carstairs harbours a dark secret that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear. Although aware that he is heading for trouble, he finds himself increasingly drawn to the one woman he knows he should stay away from – for both their sakes. 

As the autumn nights draw in and the trickling sands of time gather speed, emotions run higher than the tides and Mo finds herself unable to step away. What is Ashley hiding? Is there more to him that meets the eye? And will his secret destroy everything she now holds dear?

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This is the second book in the series but can be read as a standalone, as this is what I did. Admittedly it would be nice to know the background of a few characters.  The book focusses around two main characters of Mo Tremaine and Ashley Carstairs and some other main outer characters.  It is set in a the gorgeous sounding Cornish fishing village called Polwenna Bay, which has an idyllic village feel to it with the villagers always looking out for each other.

Mo and Ashley have a relationship that has developed in the first book of not liking each other with the undercurrent of attraction.  Mo hates the fact that Ashley has bought woodland to get access to his house and that he just want to develop the large house to sell on.  Although he did gift the land to Mo before leaving for London without any reasoning given.  Nevertheless as an outsider you begin to understand that there is a different reason for Ashley’s actions and that he feels very deeply for Mo.

I found myself telling the characters of Mo and Ashley to open up to each other and not to waste anytime messing around with each other’s feelings.  As the reader you know that Ashley is constantly trying to help Mo and is trying hard to raise interest in her stables so that she is on firmer financial grounds.

I liked the aside story of raising funds for the local church so that it is not sold to someone for development.  The way that they villagers work together to produce a calendar is fun and adds a great element to the book as it shows how important the villagers hold the church and how they care for each other.

I admit there were places in this book where it was worrying as I did not want anything to happen to Ashley as I found myself liking his character.  I loved the banter between the characters as this often reminded me of my husband and me (although thankfully we have nothing that hard to deal with).  I also liked that you get some idea of what might be in the next book.

I'd like to thank Ruth for sending us a copy of her eBook and Tanya for reviewing it for the blog

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