Sunday, 9 August 2015

HI Readathon: Meet Me at the Honeymoon Suite by Charlotte Phillips

Happy ever after…?

Fascinated by weddings since her mother was jilted at the altar when she was seven years old, Amy Woods is a brilliantly efficient wedding organizer, thanks to her ability to see past all the emotion and magic of ‘the big day’. Now, after years of being the assistant, she’s landed her dream job as Wedding and Events Manager at exclusive boutique hotel The Lavington. All she needs to do is pull off her first wedding weekend without a hitch…

Unfortunately the groom turns out to be her own marriage-phobic ex-boyfriend, proving yet again that Amy is good enough to be the warm up act but never the real deal. Then she breaks all her own rules and sleeps with the delicious but definitely off limits best man! To pull off the perfect weekend now, she will need to be her most clear-headed and emotionless. But as she gets to know best man Owen outside the bedroom, keeping herself focussed on the task isn’t so easy anymore.

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As I may have mentioned previously I'm not really a fan of novellas as I prefer longer reads but when I signed up to be part of the HI Readathon I decided to request a copy of Meet Me at the Honeymoon Suite to read to discover a new author as I've never read any books by Charlotte Phillips before.

Amy has finally landed herself her dream job as an Events Manager but the last thing she expected was for her first event to be the wedding weekend of her ex boyfriend Luke and his new girlfriend who was a bit of a commitment-phobe when he was with her.  She needs to make sure that everything runs smoothly, especially as she's still on probation, but she hadn't accounted for the distraction of his best man Owen...

We follow the drama over the course of the weekend, and there were certainly a few hurdles for her to overcome, as Amy tries to put the past aside and her own feelings on marriage to ensure that Luke and Sabrina get their perfect wedding.  

I loved the chemistry between Amy and Owen but at the same time you're left wondering whether a relationship would ever work between them as they're both workaholics who until now had put their work above everything else.  Is there enough room in their lives for a partner as well? 

Despite this being book 5 in Charlotte's Do Not Disturb series the good news is that you don't need to have read the previous 4 books to be able to enjoy this one although if you have I'm sure that you'll find this a fitting conclusion to the series. It was a fun entertaining read and I'll be interested in reading more of Charlotte's books in the future.  

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