Tuesday, 11 August 2015

HI Readathon: Say It with Sequins by Georgia Hill

Slip on some dance shoes and step up to love!

Who Dares Dances is a reality TV show with a difference. Not only do contestants have to learn to dance, they also face a series of bizarre challenges. But these challenges are nothing compared to the scandals happening on – and off – the ballroom floor!

As the celebrities get closer to both the winners’ trophy and their professional partners it’s all to dance for… Will they score the perfect ten or is romance destined to be a dance disaster?

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I'd previously reviewed the second book in the Say It with Sequins series: The Waltz, but then decided to wait and read the complete series as a whole rather than reading the other two individual episodes The Rumba and The Charleston. Each episode follows a few celebrities as they're teamed up with professional dance partners to learn one of the ballroom dances for the Who Dares Dances TV show but alongside the dances they have to learn they are also thrown an additional challenge each .

My favourite episode was The Rumba which features Harri, a kids TV presenter who is preparing for the next stage in his career, and Julia, an actress who is appearing on the show as a way to boost her own profile.  But the added twist in this episode is that not only do they have to learn a new dance each week with their professional partner, Harri and Julia have also been matched together to learn The Rumba, the dance of love, for the finale which certainly helps to fan the flames that they're already trying so hard to resist for their own reasons.

The other novella that I've not already reviewed is The Charleston which features comedian Meredith (Merry) who has been paired up with professional dance partner Daniel.  But not only does Merry have to try and learn the dances to help partner Daniel finally win the trophy, she seems to have made an enemy in the shows producer who is prepared to set Merry up for public humiliation. Will she be able to thwart him at his own game?          

Just like Strictly Come Dancing, the format of the show within these novellas is the same that each week one celebrity and their partner is eliminated until there is one couple left standing to win the trophy.  But although we get to 'see' some of their dancing in rehearsals and in the live shows, follow them as they tackle their individual challenges, the underlying theme of each novella is a romance story which we see develop as they overcome their personal barriers/concerns as well as overcome one or two misunderstandings along the way.

One or two of the characters make reappearances in subsequent novellas so I am now glad that I read this as a complete eBook to get their whole stories.  Overall Say it with Sequins was a fun, light-hearted read with a great cast of characters that was the perfect accompaniment on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I'd like to thank Harper Impulse for my copy of Say It with Sequins: The Complete Series which I received via NetGalley.

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