Sunday, 25 October 2015

Blogiversary Giveaway #8: Win a PB copy of The Secret Life of Winnie Cox or The Betrayal

The next prizes generously donated by Kim at Bookouture are for paperback copies of The Secret Life of Winnie Cox by Sharon Maas and The Betrayal by Laura Elliot.

Winnie Cox lives a privileged life of dances and dresses on her father’s sugar cane plantation. Life is sweet in the kingdom of sugar and Winnie along with her sister Johanna, have neither worries nor responsibilities, they are birds of paradise, protected from the poverty in the world around them.

But everything can change in a heartbeat… When Winnie falls in love with George Quint, the post-office boy, a ‘darkie’ from the other side, she soon finds herself slipping into a double life. And as she withdraws from her family, she discovers a shocking secret about those whom are closest to her. Now, more than ever, Winnie is determined to prove her love for George, whatever price she must pay and however tragic the consequences might be. 

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Nadine and Jake Saunders were married in their teens. Tied to one another by a night of passion that resulted in a pregnancy neither could turn away from.

Now, years later, their children have all flown the nest and the pact they made as teenagers – to give one another the freedom to pursue their own dreams – has resurfaced.

But freedom comes at a price …

While Nadine and Jake begin to untangle their lives from one another, Jake embarks on a passionate affair with a beautiful woman, Karin Moyes. What he doesn’t know is the dark history Karin shares with Nadine.

As lust spirals into dangerous obsession, Jake must break free from Karin. But he must also ask himself how well he ever really knew Nadine. What secret is she hiding? The truth, when it is revealed, could destroy them all.

a Rafflecopter giveaway The winners will be selected at random when the giveaway ends and contacted for their addresses to be passed onto Kim to post your book to you.  


  1. Yet another brilliant giveaway. Fingers crossed.

  2. I haven't read any of these and they sound amazing! Thanks for the fab giveaway, lovely. Ana @ThisChickReads

  3. First time I hear about these. Great stories, thank you for the chance!
    Raffle name: Artemis Giote

  4. awesome, #fingerscrossed these look such good books xx

  5. Great giveaway with more books, thank you Sharon

  6. Got everything crossed! Sound like brilliant reads x

  7. These books are amazing -@MaroBenipayo via twitter