Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My Favourite Book is... by Sophie Hedley, Katie Marsh & Linda Hill

Sophie Hedley from Reviewed the Book

I haven’t been reading for more than a few years so I don’t have a childhood favourite or a book that turned me into a reader. But picking a favourite book was an easy choice for me and that book is The Judas Scar by Amanda Jennings. 

I’d loved lots of books before reading The Judas Scar of course but this is the one I’ve obsessed over the most and recommended the most. It was a step up from all the books I’d read before that were entertaining, compelling and well written. When you read lots of books, the stories don’t necessarily stay with you for that long but The Judas Scar has a story that I still regularly find myself thinking about now. I’m not sure I’ll ever forget it. 

The writing was brilliant and intelligent – Amanda has a great way of hooking you into a story until you’re at the stage you need to remember to take a breath. But what turned The Judas Scar into THAT book for me was how raw and personal the theme of the story was to Amanda and then realising just how much she had put into the book, where the inspiration had come from and how real the subject matter could be. 

It’s the only book that has moved me yet turned me into even more of an emotional mess when I read the Author’s Note afterwards.

Katie Marsh, author of My Everything

My favourite book is 'I Capture the Castle' by Dodie Smith. I came to it as a confused sixteen year-old and it shone a light on my life and feelings and - most importantly of all - made me hope that one day I could be a writer myself. From the brilliant first line to her final affirmation, Cassandra will always be my favourite fictional narrator, and reading the book is as much part of my Christmas rituals as trying to pretend the Christmas tree I have bought isn't too big for my front door.

Poignant, honest and eccentric - I will always love this book and I hope that one day my daughter will too.

Linda Hill from Linda's Book Bag

My all time favourite book is Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles because it takes me back to the gorgeous summer of 1977 when I had finished my O'levels and hadn't started my A'levels so I could read, read and read! 

I loved Tess, hated Angel Clare and was half seduced by Alec myself!

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