Thursday, 29 October 2015

My Favourite Book is... by Sue Moorcroft, Vacheli & Kelly Spillane

Sue Moorcroft, author of The Wedding Proposal 

My favourite book is 'A Town Like Alice' by the late, great Nevil Shute. I first read my late father's copy when I was nine - my very first foray into adult literature. I fell in love with Nevil Shute's writing and between Dad and I we collected the entire set. I have them on my shelf today. 

A Town Like Alice is a sweeping love story that moves Jean and Joe across continents, through war, through personal suffering, to a place where they can build a life together. It gripped my imagination and began my love affair with romantic fiction. It's amongst Nevil Shute's most famous works, and deservedly so. It also reminds me of Dad and long interesting chats about the books we loved.

Vacheli from Books & Strips 

Well 1Q84 is one of my favourite books but I think I'll talk about one of my local (Indian) favourites, The Immortals Of Meluha

I'm not sure If anyone has heard of The Immortals Of Meluha but it is a book written by the Indian author Amish Tripathi about a god, Lord Shiva.

The book is based on the mythology surrounding the god but it also toys with the idea that gods didn't start off as gods but as ordinary men and women who were so great that they were brought up to a god like status by the generations after them. It appealed to me a lot because while I was always a religious person, I had been raised in a very strict household. This playful approach to these gods was so refreshing that I fell in love immediately. 

That "gods" can also make mistakes and gods are also punished for their faults and shortcomings and that people are what make gods who they are is an old concept, but novel for this generation. The other day I had two different experiences all in a span of a few hours. I was at a temple and a mother was chiding her son saying that if he ever said lies that God would make him blind or dumb. A couple of hours later I went out for dinner with some friends and I overheard (I'm starting to sound like a serial eavesdropper now) two guys speaking. One was telling the other reassuringly, "dude, just relax man. Even Lord shiva had to work his ass off to impress his goddess." 

It was hilarious and endearing at the same time. By the way the book isn't religious in nature. It's mythological fiction so anyone can enjoy it. 

Kelly Spillane, guest reviewer here on Shaz's Book Blog  

It's really hard to pick just one book, but if I had to choose a favorite book it would without a doubt by Frisky Business by Clodagh Murphy. Frisky Business is funny but it also has a serious side. But what I like most about it is that its very real. 

I believe that are way too many books in the world to reread one, but this is the exception to the rule. I read it at least once a year and I find it just as funny and entertaining as the first time. Frisky Business is the book that introduced me to this author and because of this book and this book alone, Clodagh Murphy is by far one of my favorite authors! 

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