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Tanya's Guest Review: Linda Fausnet - Singles vs Bridezillas

Reviewed by Tanya Phillips

After her latest breakup, Imogene Hart decides to quit searching for a husband and embrace the single life. Her widowed father and two married sisters tell her she's crazy. Infuriated by her family's attitude, Imogene launches a singles pride group called Solo Power. 

When a women's cable network announces a call for proposals for a new reality show, the Solo Power members find themselves battling against a group of Bridezillas to get their pro-singles reality show on the air. The leader of the Bridezillas, celebrity wedding planner Lindsay Saga, will be tough to beat… 

It's a Singles vs. Bridezillas smackdown! Who will win?

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I was not sure what to expect when I said I would read and review this book but I am glad that I did, it’s an up to date book with modern technology such as facebook and blogs being used in it but with an original idea of the Bridezilla focussing on the idea of a television challenge show for brides vs a singles encouragement challenge show.  The public are asked to decide which will go into production.  However there is far more to the story than that but I don’t want to give it away.

Imogene Hart had had enough of trying to find a permanent man in her life and settling down like everyone expected her to, including all of her family who can’t see how she can be happy without a husband and children.  However she goes against their wishes and decides to start enjoying being single which includes finding new hobbies.  This leads to her starting a singles group where she makes some amazing friends in Paula Flandey, Matt McFarland and Hannah Wanderling.  These all become important people in Imogene’s life and their friendship circle and the individual friendships in there are great to read about.   I particularly like the mutually platonic friendship between matt and Imogene. 

I loved how inspiring the book tried to be towards single people and even though some of the brides are described as Bridezillas some were shown to be truly loving and just wanting to marry the person of their dreams.  I also liked the fact that after knocking wedding Imogene admits how not all weddings are bad but some are inspirational and meant to be however it is not wrong to be single.

I admit I had a giggle at some parts of the book but I also found some parts really hard such as not having the support of your family and the opinion that if you aren’t a couple you aren’t worth much.  I disliked the other main character in the book wedding planner extraordinaire Lindsay Saga who wants to be the wedding planner to the stars.  She does this at the expense of others including her family.  Her focus in life is being famous and making money. 

Overall I enjoyed the book but it may not be one that I will remember in a few months’ time. 

I'd like to thank Tanya for reviewing Singles vs Bridezillas which we received from the author to review.

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