Friday, 27 May 2016

Author Interview: Jennifer Joyce

Today it's my pleasure to welcome Jennifer Joyce back to the blog to talk about her latest book The Wedding Date which was published earlier this year. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 
I’m a writer of romantic comedies who lives in Manchester with my husband and our two daughters. Like most writers, I’m a massive bookworm and I also like to get crafty. I spend far too much time on social media.

Delilah is searching for the ideal date to bring to her oldest friends wedding to prove to her ex she has moved on. If you could select three male celebrities alive or dead for Deliah to select from who would you choose and why?
Paul Rudd because he is gorgeous and funny and seems like a really nice guy. Delilah deserves to be treated nicely and have some fun after her ex.

Matthew Morrison, who plays Mr Schuester in Glee, because Delilah is a massive fan of musicals. With Matthew’s background in musical theatre, they’d be perfect together!

Gene Kelly – again for the musical aspect. He could perform ‘Singing In The Rain’ for Delilah, which would be the best date ever for her.

Delilah tells a little white lie (okay big lie) which gets her involved in a web that grows ever more tangled yet provides plenty of comedic moments for us readers. Do you think it's just better to fess up and tell the truth in a situation like that or do women have so much pressure heaped upon them that some often don't have any other choice?
In an ideal world, you’d fess up. It would be so much easier than trying to keep up with all the lies and inventing new ones to keep up the charade. It’d be exhausting!

There were plenty of laugh out loud moments throughout the book, what was your favorite scene to write?  
It was definitely Delilah’s date with Dan, the barman from The Farthing. It was a lot of fun to write, though not so great for poor Delilah.

What can we expect from you next?  
I’m actually working on a couple of projects at the moment and I’m not sure which will be released first. It’ll definitely be another rom com though!

Did you always want to be a writer?
Yes! I’ve always scribbled down bits of stories and when I was around ten, I was lucky enough to go to an author’s talk at my local library. From then on, I knew what I wanted to be when I was older and never stopped writing my little stories.

Out of all of your books so far, which character did you have the most  fun creating? 
This has to be Clementine, the sort-of guardian angel from Everything Changes But You. I LOVE HER. She’s cute and innocent-looking but she’s sassy too. When I think of her, I imagine a cross between Glinda The Good Witch of The North and the Ghost of Christmas Present from Scrooged.

What is the best writing advice you have ever received? 
You can’t edit a blank page. It helps to remember this when I’m having a bad writing day. Even if what I’m writing is rubbish, at least it’s something to work on later.

Are you a plotter or do you prefer to see where a storyline takes you?
I’m very much a planner. I find it too scary jumping into a story without some sort of plan in front of me. That doesn’t mean the plans are rigid, though. Characters are pesky and often take you in the direction they want to go in!

What writers inspire you?  
So many! The early Jane Green and Lisa Jewell books definitely helped me realise the genre I wanted to write in and how I wanted readers to feel while reading my books. I’m in awe of Dorothy Koomson’s writing. It’s so beautiful and evocative and draws me into her books in an instant.

If you could write in a collaboration with another author, who would  you like to write with? 
I adore the partnership between Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice so I’d love to muscle in on that. In fact, I don’t even have to write anything. I’ll just sit and observe the magic happening!

Will you…date me?

Delilah James, singleton and smoothie-addict, has six months to find a date for her oldest friend’s wedding. Oh, and to prove to her ex, best man Ben, that she has totally moved on since he dumped her out-of-the-blue nine months, eight days and seventeen hours ago…

So, with her two BFFs playing Cupid, Delilah launches herself into the high-tech, fast-paced and frankly terrifying world of dating. Luckily there’s the hot new guy at work, Adam Sinclair, to practice her flirting on – even if, as a colleague, he’s strictly off-limits!

Yet time’s running out and date after disastrous date forces Delilah to tell a little white lie – and invent a fake boyfriend! But will her secret crush on Adam ruin everything? Does she even care about Ben anymore? And is it too late to untangle her web of lies and take a real date to the wedding…?

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