Friday, 17 March 2017

Louise's Review: Every Little Thing by Samantha Young

Reviewed by Louise Wykes

The quiet town of Hartwell is the perfect place to get away from it all - and find what you never knew you needed...

Bailey Hartwell has many reasons to feel content - her successful business, a close circle of friends and her steady boyfriend . . . even if their romance feels staid after ten years without a serious commitment. The only challenge in her life comes in the form of sexy businessman Vaughn Tremaine. She thinks the ex-New Yorker acts superior and that he considers her a small-town nobody. But when Bailey's blindsided by a betrayal, she's shocked to discover Vaughn is actually a decent guy.

Vaughn admires Bailey's free spirit, independence and loyalty. As his passion for her has grown, his antagonism toward her has only worsened. Every little thing Bailey does seduces him. But when Vaughn's painful emotional past makes him walk away in fear he will hurt her, it opens an old wound in Bailey, and she uncharacteristically retreats.

Once Vaughn begins to realise he's made the biggest mistake of his life, he has no choice but to fight like he's never fought before to convince Bailey that the love they've found together only comes around once in a lifetime...

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Having enjoyed the first book in this series so very much, I couldn’t wait to return to the little boardwalk town of Hartwell to find out more about the equally fiery and icy relationship between Bailey Hartwell and Vaughn Tremaine as the reader was given a tantalising glimpse into their lives in the previous book and it was also a chance to reunite with other much loved and intriguing characters. 

Bailey Hartwell runs the Boardwalk’s original inn and her confidence and her renowned habit of having absolutely no brain to mouth filter mean she immediately locks horns with Vaughn Tremaine who has recently arrived in town to open a rival hotel.  It is shown quite quickly however that Bailey’s fiery tongue which matches her beautiful red hair, belies a very sensitive and guarded young woman.  It is when she faces an emotional betrayal and a physical attack that it is revealed that Bailey’s fiery tongue is attempting to disguise her very physical attraction to the very handsome but emotionally distant Vaughn.  

Wow this couple have fireworks both verbally and physically that they very nearly set the page alight!  Again, Samantha Young shows the story from alternating viewpoints of both Bailey and Vaughn which creates a further added tension to an already explosive relationship and this book is as sizzling sexy and emotionally charged as the first and in fact I probably loved this book even more than the first. 

This hot, sweet and sassy read would make the perfect summer read with an added dash of mystery to make the reader keep turning the pages.  Now I’m just desperate to return to the series to discover more especially about Emery and Dahlia.  Fabulous! 

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