Monday, 24 April 2017

Books Read: Lie to Me by Jess Ryder

Three minutes. That’s all it takes for Meredith’s entire world to fall apart when she watches the videotape of her four-year-old self with Becca, the mother who abandoned her.

Meredith can’t believe what her eyes have seen. Yet what if her memory has locked away the painful reality of her childhood? Can there be any truth in the strange and dangerous story her mother forced her to tell on camera?

The search for answers leads Meredith to Darkwater Pool, the scene of the murder of a young woman, Cara, over 30 years ago. What could possibly be the link between her mother and the victim?

To find the truth Meredith must search through a past that is not her own. The problem is, she’s not the only one looking…

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The last thing Meredith expected when she's helping her father to clear out her father's house is for her whole world to be turned upside down but that's precisely what happened when she stumbles across an old box of her baby stuff, inside of which is an old VHS tape with her name on it.  But despite her father's reaction to wanting to destroy the tape Meri is determined to get it converted so that she can watch what's on it but little does she know that once she does it's going to leave her with a lot of unanswered questions which turns out to be about an unsolved murder.

Unfortunately for Meri the one person who could answer the questions and clear up the mystery is her long lost mother Becca who disappeared when she was young.  Despite her father and policeman ex-boyfriend Eliot telling her to forget about it and let the cold-case team investigate, Meri can't forget about what she saw but little does she know that her meddling in this old murder could put her own life and sanity in danger.

Lie to Me is a story told through the viewpoints of three main characters, Meri in the present day, Cara in the past, and Jay both in the present and in the past.  Through the alternating timelines we slowly begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together to work out why Becca was talking about a young actress Cara who had been murdered more than 30 years ago, and who and what is Jay's connection to both Cara and Becca.

I'll warn you now if you're anything like me make sure you have set aside plenty of time to read as once you start reading you'll soon find yourself hooked and before you know it it is 2am and you reluctantly have to stop reading to get some sleep.

An excellent debut crime novel from author Jess Ryder so I'll definitely be waiting to see what she has in store for us readers next.

I'd like to thank Kim at Bookouture for inviting me to be part of the blog tour and for my copy of Lie to Me which I received via NetGalley.

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  1. Glad your enjoy it. I love a book you can't put down as I exactly the same. Will definitely read this book. Thanks for a great review.