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The Write Stuff with... Eve Devon

Happy Sunday everyone.  Today it's my pleasure to hand the blog over to author Eve Devon as part of the blog tour for her latest book The Little Clock House on the Green.

Hello, Everyone and thank you so much for stopping by today.

When I was dreaming up The Little Clock House on the Green, I knew I wanted the gorgeous old building that I could see so clearly in my head, to become a multi-use facility with fabulous businesses that used organic and luxury products and services.

A day spa and hair salon seemed ideal – especially as I knew two sassy women to run them. 

Everyone deserves a little pampering and so, of course, a lot of research was in order to make sure I got the right feel for the spa and salon! I thought I’d share with you some of the weird and wonderful that I learnt along the way…

1) National Massage Day falls on the 16th May every year. I know – there’s an actual day of the year set aside for all things massage. Ladies, start booking your other halves (or a spa of your choice) and lock that massage in, now!

2) There is a spa in Japan that every year pours hundreds of gallons of Beaujolais Nouveau into its pool via a wine-bottle-shaped spring. While you’re bathing in it a wine-waiter comes around to top up your drinking glass! I’m thinking this might constitute the most fabulous spa treatment, ever, and I’m quickly wondering if Kate could somehow incorporate this into: Beauty @ The Clock House!

3) And anyone for a beer facial? Yep – the yeast is supposed to help rejuvenate your pores. What do you all think - probably, the best facial in the world?
4) The average amount of time a woman spends washing, drying and styling her hair per week is 1hr and 53 minutes.  It feels longer to me – unless I’m on deadline and then I spend about 2 seconds putting it up in a ponytail or bun!

5) Next to bone marrow, hair is the fastest growing tissue in the human body. Except for when you want to grow your hair and then it seems to take ages. We’re so lucky that these days we can simply pop extensions in. Is that you, or do you wait until it’s the length you want?

6) The bobby pin first started being used widely in the 1920’s when the most fashionable haircut was the bob cut. Women who didn’t want to cut their hair short would mimic the look by pinning it to look like it was cut into the bob. The first time I got my hair cut into a bob was a direct result of being obsessed with the TV programme: House of Eliott. Did any of you watch it? All those fab bobs and completely gorgeous clothes. Bliss ☺

7). Cleopatra painted her nails deep red and Chinese nail polish was originally made from beeswax. I think getting to come up with nail varnish colours must be one of the best jobs in the world (sort of like naming the colours of Farrow & Ball paint) – what’s your fave nail polish name?

Eve xx

Welcome to Whispers Wood, a cosy little village in the heart of the English countryside, where everybody knows everybody and rumours are spread thicker than jam on a scone…

When a rival village is awarded Best in Bloom, the residents of Whispers Wood are determined to regain their former glory – and with Old Man Isaac finally selling the clock house on the village green, with two potential buyers, operation ‘Summer Fete’ is on!

For Kate Somersby, the very bricks that make up the clock house hold precious memories of her childhood. Now she’s finally returned home after years of running away, she’s here to make Isaac an offer and ensure her and her beloved sister’s dreams come true. Only entrepreneur Daniel Westlake is standing in her way.

To prove they have the village’s interests at heart and in turn become the proud new owner of the clock house, Kate and Daniel must compete to raise funds for the Whispers Wood Summer Fete.

Over one glorious English summer, friendships are forged, secrets are revealed and romance delightfully bursts into bloom.

About Me

My name’s Eve Devon and I write sexy heroes, sassy heroines and happy ever afters…

I kind of secretly believe it’s not too late for me to train as a professional dancer, MMA expert, or win an Oscar. I know! This is why writing fiction is for me!

Growing up in locations like Botswana and Venezuela gave me a taste for adventure and my love for romances began when my mother shoved one into my hands in a desperate attempt to keep me quiet during TV coverage of the Wimbledon tennis finals.

When I wasn’t consuming books by the bucket-load, I could be found pretending to be a damsel in distress or running around solving mysteries and writing down my adventures. As a teenager, I wrote countless episodes of TV detective dramas so the hero and heroine would end up together every week. As an adult, I worked in a library to conveniently continue consuming books by the bucket-load, until realising I was destined to write contemporary romance and romantic suspense myself. I live in leafy Surrey in the UK, a book-devouring, slightly melodramatic, romance-writing sassy heroine with my very own sexy hero husband!

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  1. What a fascinating list on beauty and pampering at the spa or salon. Thank you! for sharing! And what a catchy storyline for Kate and Daniel...fireworks for sure in The Little Clockhouse on the Green! Wishing you massive sales! :)))