Sunday, 26 November 2017

The Write Stuff with... Katey Lovell

Today it's my pleasure to hand the blog over to author Katey Lovell to talk about Acts of Kindness for the festive season.

Kindness is at the very heart of my Christmas novel Joe and Clara’s Christmas Countdown – it’s present in the community work of the youth group the protagonists run and in Joe, Clara and big-boss Deirdre’s commitment to raising funds for The Club on the Corner.  It’s evident when Joe, prompted by Clara’s guttural response to run when she sees her philandering ex, decides to prove to her there are decent men out there, and when Clara decides to take it upon herself to shower Joe with advent gifts to rekindle his love of the festive season.  

However, you don’t need to go to such dramatic lengths to spread a little joy this festive season.  Here are just a few ideas of simple ways you could brighten someone’s day.
  1. Donate to a local food bank – tins, non-perishables, toiletries.  Many have websites with lists of items they most need at any given time.
  2. Pay someone a compliment.  It might be just the boost they need.
  3. Leave a review of a book you love on Amazon or Goodreads.  It will make an author smile and help spread the word.
  4. Support a chosen charity.  This could be by giving time, money or raising awareness via social media channels.
  5. There’s something joyous about mail landing on your doormat.  Send snail-mail post to a friend, relative or via a charity such a Post Pals.
  6. Give blood.  Donor banks find supplies are lower at Christmas as people often don’t donate because they are busy/away from home.
  7. Surprise someone with a gift, just because. 
  8. If you see groups of people taking selfies, offer to take their photo.  Sometimes it’s hard to fit everyone in at arm’s length!
  9. Leave an unexpected gift or note in a library book – perhaps a bookmark with your own thoughts about the book (no spoilers!) as a surprise for the next person to borrow it
  10. Tell those you love just how much they mean to you.  Partners, best friends, parents, colleagues… anyone you care about!
I’d love to hear of other ways you are showing gratitude and any random acts of kindness you are planning to share this festive season.  You can find me on Twitter @katey5678 or Facebook Katey Lovell.

Katey Lovell is the author of three women’s fiction novels published by HarperImpulse.  Her latest release Joe and Clara’s Christmas Countdown is already out in ebook format and released in paperback on November 30th - available to preorder now.

This Christmas she’ll give her heart to someone special…

As Christmas approaches Joe Smith knows he should be celebrating with friends and family, making the most of the season. But for Joe, Christmas only holds painful memories. Ones he can feel crushing his heart, a reminder of a time he can never forget.

Clara O'Connell loves Christmas. For her it is the most magical time of the year. And she's determined to make Joe love it too! She knows he's hurting, but maybe she can help to ease his pain. Her plan: One special gift every day to remind Joe just how loved he is.

But the clock is ticking. Will the Christmas magic wear off at midnight or will Clara's Christmas countdown be the perfect gift to heal Joe's broken heart? And in doing so, maybe she will get a gift in return…Joe's love for Christmas and forever…?

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