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Author Interview: Beatrice Fishback

Today it's my pleasure to welcome author Beatrice Fishback to the blog for a chat about her latest book Winter Writerland which was published last month.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your writing journey?
It’s been a roller-coaster ride of learning, loads of rejections and a few wonderful letters of acceptance. I began to write inspirational pieces about thirty years ago and branched into novels about five years ago. The first book I wrote is called “Dying to Eat at The Pub” which is another cozy mystery set in the U.K.

If you had to give an elevator pitch for Winter Writerland, what would it be? 
Winter Writerland is a fun and frightening Christmas tale rolled into one. Frightening because of an unexpected murder. Fun, because the crimer writers gathered for a writing event all are suspects.

A murder at a Crime Writer's Conference is certainly an interesting concept, where did the inspiration come from? 
Last summer I attended the Swanwick Summer Writer’s School and met some wonderful writers. Over a glass of wine, we began formulating a cozy that could potentially take place in that great setting. 

What attracted you to write in the Cozy Mystery genre?  
I loved reading and watching Agatha Christie and generally when I reach for a book I prefer the light-hearted cozy wit and cleverness of the plots.

Describe Daisy in three words: 
She longs to belong

What lessons have you learned during your writing career that you could pass onto any aspiring authors?  
Grow thick skin and never stop learning the craft.

What essentials do you need to have close to hand when you are in writing mode? 
Something to snack on regardless of the time of day. If it’s early morning a cup of coffee or tea is a must 😊.  I like to listen to Classic FM and absolutely must have pen and paper even though most of my work is done on the computer.

If you could invite any crime writers, dead or alive, to a dinner party, who would you choose and why?  
Definitely Agatha Christie. But if she were there, I’d be so tongue-tied I wouldn’t know what to say.

Do you treat yourself to something to celebrate the publication of your books? 
I take time to read. Usually when I’m writing a project I don’t have time to just relax and enjoy someone else’s work. And all writers should be great readers. It’s a package deal.

And finally what can we expect from you next? 
I’m nearly finished with the sequel to “Dying to Eat at the Pub” and it’s called “Dying to Harvest a Corpse.” I hope to have it finished in the beginning of the New Year.

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A gruesome murder was inevitable, but how the death would unfold would be anyone’s guess. And the murderer’s identity? That would remain a mystery until the appropriate time…

Meet Daisy McFarland, an American spinster who has retired to England after teaching elementary school for thirty years. An aspiring novelist, Daisy looks forward to attending the Crime Writer’s Conference in Branick for the third year in a row.

The winter gathering provides a great excuse for Daisy to escape being alone and keep holiday blues away. It also gives her a chance to meet new people and reconnect with several British friends. Their lively spirits and enjoyment of a glass of wine spark Daisy’s creative juices—especially after she’s enjoyed a few drinks.

Teachers at the event are regular contributors, all specialists in law enforcement, forensics, crime scene photography, or pharmaceutical drugs. With such an intriguing lineup of classes, Daisy can scarcely choose which ones to attend.

Bitter weather keeps attendees indoors. But after a night of wine, joviality, and juicy gossip, a jaunt outside is exactly what Daisy needs to get her blood flowing. Much to her horror, she soon discovers that blood is also flowing in the lake.

Daisy had come to the conference to write about murder, not discover one. Who was the dead person floating facedown in the murky water, and who among them could have murdered this unfortunate victim?

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