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Emma's Review: The Pets at Primrose Cottage: Part Two New Beginnings

Reviewed by Emma Crowley

All Emma wants is a quiet life in sleepy Crickleford, away from the prying eyes of the press who are obsessed with the life she used to lead.

She is enjoying her new vocation: the town's most in-demand pet-sitter. But her journalist friend and fellow animal lover Matt is desperate for a big story to make his career – such as Emma’s true identity…

Emma doesn’t want the spotlight, but it keeps finding her anyway. Can she keep her past a secret and live the life she’s dreamed of? 

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Many thanks to Ebury publishing for my copy of The Pets at Primrose Cottage : Part Two to review and to Sharon for having my review on the blog.

I'm so glad I wasn't kept waiting that long for part two in The Pets at Primrose Cottage series by Sheila Norton. In fact it was only a matter of a mere few weeks since I had read part one and that meant the  wonderful setting and characters were still so fresh and vivid in my mind. I have to say this wasn't the most action packed of instalments and to be honest it couldn't really have been given how short it was at only around 79 pages. I presume the main developments of the plot with plenty of action and twists and turns will come in parts three and four as we near the end of the series. That's not to say New Beginnings was a bad read, it just felt my return visit to Crickleford was way too brief as I flew through this part in under half an hour.

New Beginnings picks up directly where A Place to Hide left off so I do think this shouldn't really be read as a stand alone. Our main female character Emma is slowly settling into the little village of Crickleford but as part one ended rather abruptly we see Emma up in arms as to whether she should stay or not. It seems like Emma is constantly on the run away from things and is always on high alert and can never settle. The littlest thing can up scuttle her and make her want to flee. I really think she would be better off confronting her demons instead of keeping things tightly hidden. She needs to slow down, stop and confront her problems instead of using as many avoidance tactics as possible. As at one time or another they will always catch up with you.

Emma is searching for peace and quiet and to remain as anonymous as possible but as local journalist Matt Sorrentino is sniffing around wanting the scoop on her, keeping exploits as secretive as possible may not be an option. I felt Emma really was overacting with regards to Matt. He wasn't one of those tabloid journalists that would do anything to get his story on the front pages with scant regard for the person in question. He cared about his subjects and if Emma could only open up and relax and see this she would feel more confident and happy.

Still there wasn't any definite answers in this part as to why Emma fled the life of luxury she apparently had. There were a few more titbits revealed but nothing as to give a definitive answer. I suppose if all was revealed too early, I wouldn't really be coming back for parts three and four. I can see Emma has been hurt and that's why she is so reluctant to open up but the people of Crickleford, including her landlords Lauren and Jon and their neighbour Mary, just want to be friends with Emma and support her in any way they can. Her continuous lies grew ever taller once again and I wanted to shake Emma and say just stop the nonsense and tell the truth. Honesty is always the best policy, I can only imagine what will ensue once the truth is eventually revealed.

Of course with the book being called The Pets at Primrose Cottage, there had to be mention of animals and in this case it was a pedigree Burmese cat with the pedigree lifestyle to match. Emma got in a bit of bother with the male half of the ownership but I am glad she began to stand her ground in this respect. As I have mentioned New Beginnings wasn't full of twists and turns and surprises but it was a nice, pleasant read to pass a half hour or so. It's not long until January rolls around and I can read part three Trust Your Heart.

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