Saturday, 10 March 2018

Books Read: The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton

Juliette loves Nate.
She will follow him anywhere. She's even become a flight
attendant for his airline, so she can keep a closer eye on him.

They are meant to be.
The fact that Nate broke up with her six months ago means nothing.
Because Juliette has a plan to win him back.

She is the perfect girlfriend.
And she'll make sure no one stops her from
getting exactly what she wants.

True love hurts, but Juliette knows it's worth all the pain...

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I'd like to thank Anne Cater from Random Things Through my Letterbox for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour and Becky at Wildfire Books for my proof copy of The Perfect Girlfriend to review.

I've been looking forward to reading The Perfect Girlfriend ever since I first started hearing about it last year, and after finishing reading I can certainly say it's different to any of the other psychological thrillers that I've read lately which is a good thing.  The whole concept of re-inventing yourself to make yourself the 'perfect girlfriend' to win back your man was certainly an interesting one, even if it's not something I would generally support, but at the same time you might be able to 'improve' yourself but are you really any different on the inside?

The prologue certainly sets us up and gives us an insight to a devastating incident that happened when Juliette was a child that has had a major impact on her life.  It was clear from the start that she was a desperately unhappy woman, and throughout the book we also get flashbacks to her time at boarding school which was also an unhappy time in her life. Both of these were trigger events that have affected her deeply, they shaped her as a person and her inability to form healthy relationships with family and friends

Juliette was a complex. flawed character who is convinced that Nate is 'the one' for her and she's determined to do whatever she can to show him that she's the perfect woman for him too... even if her methods are full on stalker mode.  Even though I found Juliette to be completely deranged there was something about her that made me feel slightly sympathetic towards her. I could understand her desire to be that special person to someone but the way she went about things was just plain psycho and would have any sane person running in the opposite direction.

It's clear that she's never had a proper nurturing relationship, although her aunt Barbara did her best to support her, so no wonder she doesn't think that there's anything wrong with what she's doing!  They say 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' and it's not just Nate who feels the full force of Juliette's actions... if your path crosses with her, and you're an obstacle in her way, then I'm afraid you're likely to be collateral damage in her end game. 

The only thing that spoilt The Perfect Girlfriend for me was the ending, it wasn't quite the clear-cut conclusion I was expecting or hoping for.  In this instance I would perhaps have liked to see a short epilogue to see what happened next to get closure but then again as in life things aren't always so black and white...

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