Friday, 20 December 2019

Festive Fun: My Fantasy Christmas Dinner Party by Anne Cater

Today it's my pleasure to welcome blogger and blog tour organiser Anne Cater from Random Things Through My Letterbox as the latest to host a Fantasy Christmas Dinner Party.

The five authors I would invite are:

Margaret Atwood:  The Handmaid's Tale is probably the book that has made the biggest impression on me.  I read it 30 years ago as a young woman and I'll admit that at the time, I did struggle with it.  However, the story stayed with me and as I've aged, I've realised just how relevant it is, and will always be ... which is quite sad really, given the content.   I think chatting to Atwood would be so fascinating, I have so many questions that I'd love to ask her. 

Marian Keyes:  I've been reading Marian Keyes for years too. Her books are so funny, yet also touch on the darkest of subjects. She's incredibly funny; I get her regular video updates and she never fails to make me smile. She's been through dark times.  I'd love to chat shoes and beauty with her.

Martina Cole; What a woman!  I've been lucky enough to meet her a few times and the stories she can tell, of her own life are incredible. I love that husky, throaty voice - I could listen to her for hours. 

Will Carver; if you've read any of his books you'll understand why. His imagination is incredible; his writing is unique. 

Alex North (aka Steve Mosby); Steve's Facebook posts are amazing. His understanding of humanity and ability to express his opinions without resorting to insult is quite fantastic. 

I'm not going to design a meal as I know for sure that Will is vegan and I wouldn't have a clue what to cook for him. Bring in the caterers I say!

After dinner entertainment ; let's play a game of 'Have You Ever' .... interesting! 

All book titles in bold are Amazon UK Affiliate links which will earn me a few pence if anyone clicks through and makes a purchase - any money earned will go towards buying books or gifts for giveaways.

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