Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Books Read: Safe by S.K. Barnett


She was only six years old when she disappeared. Posters went up, the police investigated.

But no one could find her.

Now, twelve years later, she’s home.

And knocking at your door.

You’re so happy to see her. But soon you start to wonder why she can’t answer your questions.

Where has she been? How did she find her way home?

And who is she?

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I'd like to thank Anne Cater from Random Things Tours for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour and Cornerstone for my copy of Safe to review via NetGalley.

I was intrigued by the concept behind Safe, the sudden reappearance after twelve years of a girl who was last seen as a six year old, presumed kidnapped, and this story didn't disappoint as we're taken on a dark and twisty road to get to the truth.

From the outset it's clear that things aren't quite as they seem but obviously the family welcome her back with open arms, well almost all of them. The family dynamics were strained and it was clear that Jake and Laurie, the parents, and her brother Ben have been deeply affected by the loss of their child/sister which is completely understandable so it's going to take some time to get used to having her back.

No sooner had I started reading I had so many questions running around my brain as I was drawn into the sinister tale that was unfolding. What happened to her, where has she been all these years and how did she find her way home now? The more the police ask her questions, the more her story doesn't seem to add up and it seemed that she was constantly on edge. But then again it's not really surprising considering everything she has endured throughout her childhood and teenage years. You'd think that now that she was home she would feel safe but the opposite is true here, she still needed her wits about her to stay one step ahead of potential danger.   

Safe was a claustrophobic read that had me on edge on many occasions as I struggled to digest what it was I was reading. I thought I had it all figured out as to what was going on but I was only partially correct and when everything came to a head I was completely floored about what had actually happened. It's hard to say anything more about why without giving anything away.

My only regret was that I wish I hadn't read this quite so late at night as some of the disturbing scenes that played out stayed with me for many hours afterwards and caused me a sleepless night.

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