Monday, 24 August 2020

Books Read: Nowhere to be Found by Louisa de Lange

Her husband Scott claims to have no idea where she is. But his behaviour suggests otherwise, and rumours begin to swirl about the seemingly perfect couple...

DS Kate Munro is already investigating another murder, when she learns that it was Lucy who first reported the body of the victim floating in a lake.

But with Lucy still missing and both investigations leading Kate into dangerous waters, she must quickly piece together the link between the two crimes. Before it's too late...

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I'd like to thank Orion Books for my copy of Nowhere to be Found to review via NetGalley. Firstly I must apologise to the publisher and author for the delay in sharing this review which was supposed to have been part of the blog tour this weekend but sadly life got in the way and I wasn't able to upload it until today.

DS Kate Munro is back in Nowhere to be Found, the latest book from Louisa de Lange, and her life is still as complicated as ever, both personal and professionally.

The opening scene alone was simply chilling and would surely put you off swimming in open water when a young woman Lucy brushes against a dead body that is floating in the lake. But as we later discover Lucy has her own issues and not long after she is reported as a missing person by her husband who comes under suspicion for her disappearance. Did he do it or is there more to Lucy's disappearance than first meets the eye?

When a connection is made between the murder and missing person cases, the investigations are combined which brings Kate into contact with someone from her past.

Kate is a complex and flawed character, one that will have you shaking your head at some of her reckless actions especially where her personal relationships are concerned, but yet at the same time there's no denying how dedicated she was to her job and getting their man where the crimes were concerned.

Lucy was another character that really intrigued me, she seemed really fragile which had a lot to do with her upbringing, but it was her paranoia which is triggered further following her encounter in the lake that overtook all rational thoughts and prompted her rash decisions.

With regards to their investigation, nothing was at it seemed and every path seemed to lead to a dead end before another clue crops up taking them in a completely different and unexpected direction and into contact with some very unhinged individuals. It's hard to say much more without giving away any spoilers but it's fair to say that the author took us on a tense ride with the characters and there was one particular scene towards the end that had me literally worried about the fate of someone who had put himself into a compromising position to get the answers the team needed for the case.

I'm enjoying seeing this series and Kate develop so am ever hopeful that there will be more to come in the future.

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